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Feenecks Chompski or more commonly known as Feenecks is a lets player who delves into a variety of Steam Games ranging from First Person Shooters, to side scrollers and action. One of his older lets plays was Minecraft Adventure Maps, where he played user created maps as Minecraft Skin Mike Dawson. Several of his newer videos include him playing Rogue Legacy, Pinball and Serious Sam 3. In some of his other lets plays such as Borderlands 2 and Left 4 Dead 2, many glitches become apparent through playthrough, which in turn becomes more comedic.


Feenecks Chompski used to create PM Vs

Feenecks Chompski helped narrate the Top 75 Hardest NES Games, and is credited with the help for the Top 110 Violent & Gory Games for Tats Top Videos. He is also credited among a gameplay recorder, providing gameplay footage for certain top lists.

Feenecks Chompski is a name sake of the gnome from Half Life 2 Episode 2


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