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Evan Crose is an Internet personality that began his internet career in 2013 with his first YouTube channel. note Since then he has been involved in a variety of projects related to some of his favorite things. Video Games, Anime, Western Animation, Film, etc. Since he's not very popular most of his work is just passion projects. In 2015 he began his most notable work The Animated Critic Blog. Which later lead to the development of the Animated Critic Universe in 2016. Most works from before that point are considered an Old Shame.

Works by Evan Crose

Evan has a fondness for giving the world his shows take place in numbers. In the same vein as Marvel Comics.
     Pre-Animated Critic Works 
Everything Pre-Animated Critic takes place in Universe #1,519. All these videos are an Old Shame and as such have been unlisted on YouTube.
  • Game Time With Evan
  • Anime Experience (not the sub-series on the Animated Critic Blog.)
  • Evan's Games
  • Book Critic


     Animated Critic Universe 
This is the first set of series in which Evan is genuinely proud of. The Animated Critic Universe (ACU) is Universe #1,321.