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Eugenio Barona is a Spanish actor and voice actor. While having a significant career in TV series, he is also known for his work dubbing anime and films, in which he has had some really varied roles.

Eugenio made his debut in the anime scene in Digimon Adventure, after which he became a staple of distribution company Arait Multimedia and pretty much everybody who needs a booming voice with an uncanny ability to switch to acute. This enables him to play multiple characters: with a bit of filter, he can be an ominous narrator at a moment and an adorable wolf critter at the next.


In TV, he has acted in famous Spanish series of all kinds, including dramas and soap operas like the El Súper and Al salir de clase and thrillers like Motivos Personales, El Comisario and Guante Blanco; he also starred in his own series, the short-lived C.L.A. No somos ángeles, in which he played the director of a recalcitrant medical clinic. As seen in those, Barona has somewhich of a tend to play cops, police staff members and also doctors, perhaps for his authoritarian voice and mannerisms. However, aversely, his best remembered role in TV might be the suave con man Elías Roncero from Amar es para siempre.


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