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Epic Games is a game developer and publisher, best known for Unreal, Gears of War, Bulletstorm, and Fortnite, as well as its most widespread technology, the Unreal Engine.

They started in 1991 as Potomac Computer Systems, and their first game ever, ZZT, was developed using Turbo Pascal. The studio would later be recognized as Epic Megagames, and shortly before the launch of the first Unreal Tournament, the company would rename itself as simply Epic Games.

In late 2018, Epic announced that in addition to their existing repertoire of game development, publishing and technology, they would also be expanding into the realm of game distribution with the launch of the Epic Games Store, a Digital Distribution platform similar to the likes of Steam and The unique advantage of Epic's store is that they will take a mere 12% cut of revenue from game sales, as opposed to the industry standard of 30% for digital distribution services. Additionally, licensees of Epic's Unreal Engine 4 would not have to pay any additional royalties to Epic for sales on the store, making the store an even more attractive offer for such games.


In Early 2019, Epic drew ire from consumers for making a hard push to secure several third party games as exclusives for the Epic Store. The deal with Epic entailed that games had to be exclusive to Epic Games Store for a certain period before going to other digital storefronts. The controversy mostly stemmed from several of these games having already had pre-order sales on other PC stores like Steam, like Metro Exodus and Phoenix Point. Consumers were especially angry in the case of the latter game as it had been funded primarily through a Fig crowdfunding campaign and had promised its backers it would be available at launch on both Steam and GOG. The vitriol would only get worse as Epic continued to secure more and more games as Epic Store exclusives, reaching a high boiling point after August 1, 2019 when the two-person indie development team of Ooblets announced that their game would become a timed exclusive on EGS, which swiftly led to threats of violence and racist abuse against the developers.


Epic drew more ire when the Epic Games Store was caught, without an explicit prompt or permission, reading Steam friends data straight from a specific file, rather than making specific requests through Steam's API, meaning it could take more data from Steam than is required for basic functions like syncing users' friends lists. Epic responded by admitting that this was a remnant of when they were setting up friends list integration with Fortnite, and fixed the issue not long after.

Early and unknown games:

Unreal series:

Unreal Engine games which Epic Shanghai (上海英佩) took part in but released by other publishers:

  • [2010] Global Mission TPS - ZY Games
  • [2011] Glourious Mission, aka Passion Leading Army - Giant Interactive
  • [2011] Homefront - THQ
  • [2012] Spec Ops: The Line - 2K Games

Gears of War series:

  • [2006] Gears Of War
  • [2008] Gears Of War II
  • [2011] Gears Of War III
  • [2013] Gears of War Judgment (developed by People Can Fly)

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