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Emma Prescott (born October 7, 1998) is an American actress beset known for Must Love Dogs and Grey's Anatomy.


  • NUMB3RS as Emily Burdick (1 episode)
  • Must Love Dogs as Molly
  • Imaginary Friend as Little Girl (short)
  • Windfall as Violet Schaefer
  • Good Time Max as Kallie
  • Entourage as Ed Burns' Daughter (1 episode)
  • Claire as Helen Bannion (TV Movie)
  • Grey's Anatomy as Lucy (2 episodes)
  • Them 2007 as Little Girl (TV Movie)
  • Little Swim as younger Lydia (TV Movie)
  • Blackout as Nikki
  • Mind Machine as Sarah Ashford (short)
  • Gosia's Witch as Becky (short)
  • James Warwick as Narrator's Mother as child (short)
  • Prime Effect as Jenny (short)
  • Broken Badge as Megan Warner (short)
  • Date Nite as Elevator Girl (short)
  • Fantasy Pony as Alice

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