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Ema Tōyama is a Shoujo mangaka who made her debut in 2003.

Her works (among others) include:

Tropes common in her works include:

  • Art Evolution: You can really tell Ema Toyama's character designs are much different when you compare her first work Pixie Pop to his most recent work Missions Of Love.
  • Betty and Veronica: Almost all the Love Triangle featured in Toyama's work is this.
    • Pixie Pop:
      • Both the plain, girl-next-door Mayu and the rich and glamorous Konoha are in love with Amamiya.
      • Later, Mayu herself gets herself in between the friendly, easy-going Yuuki and the aloof, out-of-reach Amamiya.
    • I'm Here: Hinata (the warm and gentle Betty) and Teru (the tough-talking and sarcastic Veronica) fought over Hikage.
    • Akira and Shigure for Yukina; Mami and Yukina for Shigure in Missions of Love.
    • The meganekko and Wakana for Kagano in Plain Love.
    • Hayate and Hinokagu for Mashiro in Kamikami Kaeshi.
  • Character Development: Many of his heroines need to mature into stronger people, whether it concerns friends (Koko ni Iru yo!), love (Pixie Pop; Missions of Love), or freedom (Kamikami Kaeshi).
  • Clingy Jealous Girl
    • Konoha from Pixie Pop.
    • Mami from Missions of Love!
  • Dogged Nice Guy
  • Expy: Many characters of Ema Toyama's work resemble each other.
    • Shigure from Missions of Love resembles Hinata from Koko ni Iru yo! and Kanna from Manga Dogs, the main difference being their hair color (which is barely noticeable in black and white manga). Hinata at least has a different personality, but Kanna and Shigure have similar temperaments and interests (one writes manga, the other cell phone novels).
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    • Likewise, Mami resembles Hiyori from a one-shot in the above example and Momo from Hyakuen!.
    • Kyouka from Hyakuen! has a resemblance to Hikage from Koko ni Iru yo! as well.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: The apparent "losing" part of the triangle tends to be blonde (and usually boys) — Teru and (possibly) Akira.
  • Moe: invoked Most of her heroines are very cute, doe-eyed (often shy) girls . To the point where she has a small following among male otaku.
  • Plucky Girl
  • School Idol: Tends to be the love interest(s).
  • Shrinking Violet: Hikage (Koko ni Iru yo!), Yukina without her glasses (Missions of Love), and Kanna (Manga Dogs).
  • Smitten Teenage Girl:
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  • Unlucky Childhood Friend
  • Wish Fulfillment: There's usually something a leading character in an Ema Toyama manga wants, and the plot revolves around that character trying to succeed in his or her (usually her) dreams.


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