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Elke Sommer (born Elke Baronin von Schletz; November 5, 1940 in Berlin, Germany) is a German actress. Some of her most notable films include A Shot in the Dark, The Art of Love, The Oscar, Carry On Behind and The Prisoner of Zenda. She won a Golden Globe in 1964 for New Star of the Year for her role in The Prize. She speaks seven languages and has focused more on painting than acting in her later years.

Her father was a baron, which makes her a baroness (although the title has no legal status).


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  • Ms. Fanservice: Sommer was a prominent sex symbol of the 1960s, becoming one of many German female sex symbols dubbed the "Teutonic Temptress" and posing for Playboy magazine several times. Her sex appeal was on display in many of her films, particularly the nudist colony sequence in A Shot in the Dark.