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Ealing Studios was the name of a British film production company best known for a series of comedy films produced in the decade after the end of World War II.

The original Ealing Studios, founded in 1931, was not a production company at all; it was merely the Ealing Green studio of a small-time production company named Associated Talking Pictures. (The history of film-making in the London borough of Ealing dates back to almost three decades earlier.) A management shake-up in 1938 led ATP to change its name to Ealing Studios. The new head of production, Michael Balcon, took the then-struggling production company in a new direction, though keeping the company on a small scale.


The studio facilities at Ealing were sold to The BBC in 1955, and the company continued to make a trickle of films at Borehamwood until 1959. Ealing Studios was revived anew in 2002.

Films produced by this company include: