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Drayano60 is a competitive Pokémon player and ROM Hacker famous for his enhanced versions of Generation 3, 4, and 5 games.

His projects include:

  • All There in the Manual: All the numerous changes are listed in the documentation.
  • Com Mons: Averted where possible. Mostly overlooked Pokémon are buffed to the point of being usable without feeling like you've gimped yourself, and less memorable ones are given sets that make them somewhat stand out.
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  • Guide Dang It!: Locations of all Pokémon obtained through unique events.
  • 100% Completion: All Pokémon are obtainable in-game without trading or promotional items.
  • Nintendo Hard: The entire point. The difficulty has been increased massively, with some postgame encounters using level 100 Legendaries, and important trainers running competitive movesets that try and negate the common strategy of "use super-effective move 6 times".
  • Obvious Beta: SpiritGold has been released before generation IV hacking was well understood, leading to numerous bugs and quirks, as well as various development shortcuts (such as having to resort to making the player steal various items from trainers, some of which were not rematchable, making them missable entirely)

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