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Dragon Co (late 90's to mid 2000s) is an obscure Chinese game developer, mainly known for creating unauthorized games for the NES and for frequently having unlicensed appearances of famous characters in their video games.


  • Felix the Cat by Dragon Co. (1998): Their most infamous game, starring the world famous cartoon cat. Should not be confused with Hudson Soft's 1992 NES and Game Boy game.
  • Hong Lou Meng (Published by Shenzen Nanjing Technology)
  • Luan Shi San Guo (Published by Shenzen Nanjing Technology)
  • The Lion King III: Timon & Pumbaa (1996-1997?)
  • The Lion King V: Timon & Pumbaa (1998?)
  • Tom & Jerry 3 (1995-1996?)
  • Wait and See! (aka Nu, pogodi!) (1997)
  • The King of Fighters 2004: Special Edition: The one and only game they developed for the Neo Geo.
  • Command & Conquer (Beta)
  • Commandos
  • Death Caliber
  • Deer Hunter
  • Iraq War 2003


  • Unlicensed Game: All of their games were produced and released as bootlegs.
  • Un Installment:
    • Their Felix the Cat game is sometimes called Felix the Cat 3, even though they didn't make any other Felix games.
    • To say nothing of their Lion King games, which not only skip the first two, but they also skipped a fourth installment to jump right to the fifth one.
    • There's also Tom and Jerry 3, which also skipped two installments.