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Diomedea (ディオメディア), formally established as Studio Barcelona in 2005 and changed names in 2008, is an anime studio best known for Squid Girl. It was founded by former Group TAC producer Nobuyuki Suga.

Anime by Diomedea/Studio Barcelona include:



Tropes associated with Diomedea:
  • Animation Bump: The Japanese opening for Transformers Animated, which utilized some help outside the companynote .
  • Harem Genre: The bulk of their (non-subcontracting) library as of late.
  • Limited Animation: One of the worst offenders in recent years, which leads to...
  • Off-Model: While not as bad as some of the more notorious companies like Studio DEEN or Toei Animation, their work is quite visibly on the lower end of the quality scale more often than not.
  • Production Posse: Has used Asahi Production and Studio Jack in several of their works.