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"People expect me to be very snooty, I hope I'm not like that at all!"

Diane Holland, born June Diane Neeltje Holland, (28 February 1930 — 24 January 2009), was a British actress best known for playing Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves in Hi-de-Hi!.

As she loved both acting and dancing, she began her acting career in the theatre. This was followed by roles on TV, one of her earliest roles was as Sarah Maynard in Crossroads in the late '60s.

Later on, she was cast as snobby ballroom dancer Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves in the much-loved '80s Britcom Hi-de-Hi!. Co-writer Jimmy Perry was her brother-in-law and had seen her talent in pantomimes and plays. Alongside one-off roles during Hi-de-Hi!, she played Celia Littlewood in Grace & Favour, the After Show of Are You Being Served?.

She died of bronchial pneumonia at the age of 78.

Works on TV Tropes she appeared in:

  • Crossroads, 41 episodes (1966-69) — Sarah Maynard
  • Sykes, 2 episodes:
    • "Marriage" (1972) — Yvonne
    • "Fancy Dress" (1973) — Wardrobe Mistress
  • Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, 2 episodes:
    • "The Hospital Visit" (1973) — Woman (Uncredited Role)
    • "The Baby Arrives" (1973) — Receptionist
  • Hi-de-Hi!, 58 episodes (1980-88) — Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves
  • Tales of the Unexpected, episode "The Stinker" (1980) — Blanche Cutler
  • Screen Two, episode "The Children of Dynmouth" (1987) — Miss Lavant
  • Bergerac, episode "The Messenger Boy" (1990) — Mrs. Hornsby
  • Grace & Favour, 2 episodesshow list (1992-93) — Celia Littlewood
  • CASUAL+Y, episode "Breaking Point" (2001) — Wendy Atkinson