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Daystar is a non-profit Christian network founded by Marcus and Joni Lamb, and based near Dallas. While they air the same conservative Pentecostal programming as the rival TBN, they are a lot more youth-oriented and not quite as scandal-ridden as the other network. Despite being a relative newcomer as far as TV ministries go (Daystar was launched in The '90s, much later than TBN and The 700 Club), they are currently the second largest Christian network on the air.

Not to be confused with the book from the Firebird Trilogy.

Daystar's original programming includes:

  • Check the Sound — a weekend show hosted by Marcus and Joni's children, covering Christian Rock
  • Gospel Music Showcase — a show focused on traditional southern gospel music
  • Joni Table Talk (formerly Joni) — a daytime talk show hosted by Joni, featuring interviews and roundtable discussions
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  • Marcus & Joni (formerly Celebration) — a daily talk and variety show long hosted by Marcus and Joni
  • Scaly AdventuresEdutainment Show dealing with animals

This network contains examples of:

  • Ban on Politics: Daystar has taken positions against things like gay marriage, but until around 2020; they weren't as knee deep in political activism as most TV ministries. This began to change in the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic, as skeptics of what's been announced with regards to the virus such as Dr. Robert Malone and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared on Daystar programming on a regular basis even in spite of Marcus Lamb's death following a bout with COVIDnote  in November 2021. Daystar's website also promoted conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election.
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  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: Averted with the Lambs, despite Marcus's past infidelity.
  • Christian Rock: Showcased on Check the Sound.
  • Corrupt Church: While it has not been hit with nearly as much scrutiny as TBN on the matter of mishandling viewer donations, Daystar is still criticized for preaching the "prosperity gospel," not being transparent with its finances and for acting in many ways like a for-profit entity (it sponsors a NASCAR driver) while legally being a non-profit church.
  • Creator Couple: Marcus and Joni Lamb; and even with the revelation of Marcus' infidelity they would remain so until Marcus' death.
  • Edutainment Show: Scaly Adventures, hosted by Pierce Curren, deals with animals in the style of Jack Hanna.
  • Jesus Was Way Cool: How the network presents its message for the most part, especially in its musical performances, in contrast to the old-fashioned revivalism style of TBN.
  • Telethon: The twice-annual, week-long "Heart of the World" telethon (formerly "Share-a-thon").