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This page is about the British academic and novelist. For the American voice actor, see here. For the British character actor, see here.

David Lodge CBE is a British novelist. He was also a distinguished academic, being Professor of English Literature at the University of Birmingham from 1976 to 1987, and wrote several textbooks on literary criticism. Many of his novels contain pastiches of literary styles and satires on the world of academia. He is probably best-known for his "Campus Trilogy" of Changing Places, Small World and Nice Work.

Fictional Works:

  • The Picturegoers (1960)
  • Ginger You're Barmy (1962)
  • The British Museum Is Falling Down (1965)
  • Out of the Shelter (1970)
  • Changing Places (1975)
  • How Far Can You Go? (1980)
  • Small World (1984)
  • Nice Work (1988)
  • Paradise News (1991)
  • Therapy (1995)
  • Thinks... (2001)
  • Author, Author (2004)
  • Deaf Sentence (2008)
  • A Man of Parts (2011)