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Not to be confused with British actor David Bradley

David L. Bradley is an American author, filmmaker and historian. Once described as "Richard Bach meets Vonnegut, Bradley published his first novel How to Build A Skydeck in the late 90s before going back to school to study film and history, returning to the world of writing after he graduated. His next novel was released for ebook and paperback along with a republishing of his first, with more books (and a few films) currently in development.

Other than writing novels and documentaries, David also contributed to Glenn T. Eskew's biography Johnny Mercer: Southern Songwriter for the World and was Associate Producer on the Turner Classic Movies documentary Johnny Mercer: The Dream's On Me. He also hosted The Gate City Radio Network, a weekly two-hour celebration of vintage radio content on Georgia State University's WRAS, 88.5 FM.


View his Amazon page here, or his official site here.

Notable works include:



  • Oakland Cemetery: Atlanta's Jewish Tradition
  • Tilly
  • Volunteer
  • Great Spaces Need Water
  • Know a Little Bit More
  • Tallapoosa Bound (TBA)

Tropes common in his work:

  • Author Avatar: Elements of his own life find a way into his fiction (see Write What You Know below), but Stan and Addison are distinct enough characters that neither of them are total stand-ins Bradley.
  • Based on a True Story: While he writes entirely factual documentaries, Bradley's fiction is also based in fact. The Addison Kane series takes it a step further, with the upcoming sequel revolving around the very real Colonial-era murder spree known as "Juanillo's Revolt."
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  • Critical Dissonance / Cult Classic: Most customer reviews praise Bradley's novels and avidly await sequels, despite minimal publicity. This is compounded by the fact that Skydeck was self-published after numerous rejection letters from agents and publishing houses.
  • The Deep South: One of the unifying themes of his work. It helps that he was born in Fort Benning, Georgia.
  • Like Reality Unless Noted: Skydeck and Dead Hand are very human stories grounded in reality...except for the aliens and ghosts, respectively.
  • Write What You Know: Twenty years of blue-collar work heavily influences his style, to say the least.

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