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David Andrews (born November 2, 1952 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana) is an American actor. He has been acting since 1982.

Works he has appeared in:

  • Twelve Miles of Bad Road: Saxby Hall, appearing in six episodes
  • The Antagonists: Jack Scarlett
  • Apollo 13: Pete Conrad
  • Arthur Newman: Fred Willoughby
  • Band of Brothers: General Elbridge G. Chapman, appearing in the episode "Points"
  • Blind Faith: Ricky Dunlap
  • Brothers & Sisters: George Lafferty, appearing in the episodes "Bakersfield", and "Do You Believe in Magic"
  • The Burning Bed: Wimpy Hughes
  • Cherry: Sam Treadwell
  • The Closer: Donald Baxter, Jr., appearing in the episode "The Round File"
  • The Color of Courage: Philip Renfrew
  • The Conspirator: Father Walter
  • Covert Affairs: Steve Barr, appearing in the episodes "World Leader Pretend", and "Hello Stranger"
  • Criminal Minds: Sheriff Bruner, appearing in the episode "Paradise"
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  • Crisis: Agent Hurst, appearing in the pilot episode
  • Crossing Jordan: Colonel Gerald Bayless, appearing in the episode "With Honor"
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Officer Fromansky, appearing in the episodes "All for Our Country", and "Paper or Plastic?"
  • CSI: Miami: Bruce Faber, appearing in the episode "A Few Dead Men"; Richard Bowman, appearing in the episode "Double Jeopardy"
  • Dawson's Creek: Gus Weiner, appearing in the episode "The Unusual Suspects"
  • The Dead Will Tell: John Hytner
  • Dear John: Mr. Curtis
  • Deconstructing Sarah: Paul
  • Don't Know Yet: Swag
  • Dragnet: Captain (Capt.) Silva, appearing in the episodes "Coyote", "Slice of Life", and "Killing Fields"
  • Drop Dead Diva: The Walters' Lawyer, appearing in the episodes "Queen of Mean", and "Bad Girls"
  • The Equalizer: Dale Stevens, appearing in the episode "Race Traitors"; Del Larkin, appearing in the episode "A Dance on the Dark Side"
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  • Fair Game: Scooter Libby
  • Fifteen and Pregnant: Cal Spangler
  • Fight Club: Thomas
  • The Fireman: Reese Braverton
  • From the Earth to the Moon: Frank Borman, appearing in five episodes
  • Ghost Whisperer: Ghost Surgeon, appearing in the episode "Do Over"
  • Going To California: Dr. Washington, appearing in the episode "I Know Why the Caged Rhino Sings"
  • Graveyard Shift: John Hall
  • Hannibal: FBI Agent Pearsall
  • The Horror Theater: Edward Watson
  • House of Cards (US): Tim Corbet, appearing in the episode "Chapter 8"
  • JAG: Maj. Gen. Gordon "Biff" Cresswell; Col., appearing in 17 episodes
  • The Jensen Project: Edwin
  • Jessabelle: Leon
  • Just Shoot Me!: Jay Crew, appearing in the episode "How the Finch Stole Christmas"
  • Justified: (Former) Sheriff Tillman Napier, appearing in seven episodes
  • Kerouac, the Movie: Dean Moriarity
  • L.A. Law: Mr. Simmons, appearing in the episode "The Princess and the Wiener King "
  • The Last Summer: Richard Finney
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Lloyd Wilkes, appearing in the episode "False-Hearted Judges"
  • Lie to Me: Dr. Stanley Heaton, appearing in the episode "Gone"
  • Living a Lie: Lonnie
  • Mann & Machine: Det. Bobby Mann, appearing in nine episodes
  • Marry Me: Swan Carter, appearing in the episodes "Part 1", and "Part 2"
  • Miami Vice: Jack Crockett, appearing in the episodes "One Eyed Jack" (uncredited), and "Jack of All Trades"
  • Midas Valley
  • The Monroes: William Monroe, appearing in eight episodes
  • Murder One: Michael Beiden, appearing in the episodes "Chapter Two, Year Two", "Chapter Four, Year Two", and "Chapter Five, Year Two"
  • Navigating the Heart: William Sanders
  • A Nightmare On Elm Street: Foreman
  • One Life to Live: Dean Stella, appearing in the episode "Episode dated 17 December 1984"
  • Our Son, the Matchmaker: Steve Carson
  • The Paper Chase: Appears in the episode "Snow"
  • The Pitch: Intellectual
  • The Practice: Judge Wilbur Stucky, appearing in the episodes "Final Judgement", and "Victims' Rights"
  • Promised Land: Frank Conroy, appearing in the episode "Bookworm"
  • Pulaski: Larry Summers (aka Pulaski), appearing in eight episodes
  • Pulse: Edward Watson
  • The Rain Makers: Jerry
  • The Rat Pack: Gme 3
  • Revolution: Bill O'Halloran, appearing in the episode "Sex and Drugs"
  • Shame II: The Secret
  • Six Feet Under: Michael Piper, appearing in the episode "The Plan"
  • Snapshot: Nathan
  • A Son's Promise: Wayne O'Kelley
  • Sophie & the Moonhanger
  • Star Trek: Enterprise: Lorian, appearing in the episode "E Squared"
  • Series/Stargate SG-1: Se'tak, appearing in the episode "Counterstrike"
  • Stealth: Ray
  • Surface: Officer Furella - Animal Control, appearing in the episodes "Episode #1.5", "Episode #1.6", and "Episode #1.7"
  • Switched at Birth: James Barlow
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines: Robert Brewster
  • A Touch Of Fate: James Kline
  • Touched by an Angel: Jim, appearing in the episode "With God as My Witness"
  • Town Diary: Brian Mc Cauley
  • Trapper John, M.D.: Glenn, appearing in the episode "A Piece of the Action"
  • Two Soldiers: Lieutenant Hogenbeck
  • A Walk To Remember: Mr. Kelly
  • The Whiskey Heir: Nathan
  • Wild Horses: Dean Ellis
  • Wine Tasting: Jon
  • World War Z: Naval Commander
  • Wyatt Earp: James Earp
  • Shooter: James Vincent


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