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DONTNOD Entertainment is a French game development studio based in Paris, founded in June of 2008 with a lot of former EA, ex-Criterion, and Ubisoft staff.

Their first work as a studio was the Capcom-published Remember Me, a game set in future Paris and starring a memory hunter named Nilin. The game had a mixed-to-positive reception, and said reception combined with a lack of expected sales nearly torpedoed the young studio.

Fortunately, Square Enix stepped up to help publish and finance their next game, which was a bit of a different title: the award-winning, universally-acclaimed sleeper hit Life Is Strange, an episodic adventure game about a teenage girl named Max Caulfield who finds she has gained the ability to rewind time.

Their next game was the Action RPG Vampyr focusing on Jonathan E. Reid, a military surgeon turned vampire whose thirst for blood compels him to kill and feed on people.


Following that, they have an untitled project with Bandai Namco and a new Life Is Strange project, still with Square Enix.

The company has a sister studio, Dontnod Eleven (formerly HeSaw), who is currently developing the side-scrolling shooter Battlecrew: Space Pirates.

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