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DONTNOD Entertainment is a French game development studio based in Paris, founded in June of 2008 with a lot of former EA, ex-Criterion, and Ubisoft staff.

Their first work as a studio was the Capcom-published Remember Me, a game set in future Paris and that starred a memory hunter named Nilin. The game had a mixed-to-positive reception, and said reception combined with a lack of expected sales nearly torpedoed the young studio.

Fortunately, Square Enix stepped up to help publish and finance their next game, which was a bit of a different title: the award-winning, universally-acclaimed sleeper hit Life Is Strange, an episodic adventure game about a teenage girl named Max Caulfield who finds she has gained the ability to rewind time.

Their next game was the Action RPG Vampyr focusing on Jonathan E. Reid, a military surgeon turned vampire whose thirst for blood compels him to kill and feed on people. Both Vampyr and Life Is Strange established the studio, and they've since partnered up with numerous other companies for different projects. The sudio has developed something of a reputation for narrative-driven adventure games, a reputation they seem quite happy to keep.


The company has a sister studio, Dontnod Eleven (formerly HeSaw), who is currently developing the side-scrolling shooter Battlecrew: Space Pirates.

Games developed include:


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