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Curiomatic is a YouTube channel and art project created by "Artsy" Omni Jacala with the purpose of analyzing and creating art and character design from video games. It hosts several shows:
  • Rerendered, in which they try to create new art based on existing design and aesthetic, notably Retraux and outdated ones. A subseries named Smashified specifically aims to create renders of video game characters in the style of Super Smash Bros. (initially the 3DS/Wii U versions, but eventually shifted towards Ultimate after its release).
  • Game Bites, in which they create various assets for imaginary video games. Sometimes they culminate into a Vertical Slice in which they mix all the previously made assets into a functioning prototype.

The collective initially debuted as only Smashified and started with a bang with the release of an elaborate hoax announcing the coming of Rayman in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, which received a wild media coverage before being revealed by Omni himself as a fake. Prior to that, some Omni creations such as Bomberman, Geno and various Kirby hats in the style of Brawl were already shared within the Smash community but mostly uncredited. Before the "Rayman leak" he also unsuccessfully tried to "leak" Klonoa on GameFAQs. The channel has done 22 characters so far in the Smash style since then, plus a bunch of trophies based on objects and less noteworthy characters.


While Smashified initially was the main focus of the channel, side projects were being done in the interrim that expanded on the channel's basic premise of game asset and concept creation. After a series of hiatuses and hints through an Alternate Reality Game, the channel was given an overhaul in 2018 to put more emphasis on development projects like their side work, with Smashified becoming a sub brand during the change.

Curiomatic runs on interactions with the gaming community, and often collaborate with artists outside the collective to work on projects. Smashified, for example, used fan discussion on Twitter to decide which characters they would "smashify" next. Other projects like Snowboard Kids 3 and Bomberman Hero also incorporate well-known fans of their respective series for design input.


The collective is now composed of several artists:

  • Omni Jacala (illustrator)
  • Chris Szczesiul (illustrator)
  • Andrew Coleman (3D generalist)
  • Sean Hicks (illustrator)
  • Nathanael Platier (musician)
  • RetroSpecter (musician)
  • Mykal Williams (musician)

     Smashified Work 




     Other Projects 

Game Concepts

  • Splatshine, a mini-series of mashups of Splatoon and Super Mario Sunshine.
  • Bomberman Hero HD, a series of videos showcasing assets and level design for a hypothetical HD remake of Bomberman Hero.
  • Snowboard Kids 3, a collaboration between the channel and Sami "Smai" Briggs on a successor to the Nintendo 64 era of Snowboard Kids.


  • Several collaborations with the Nintendo Force magazine, including a tribute cover for Satoru Iwata after his passing in 2015.
  • Jammo — a collaboration between Curiomatic and the educational game dev channel Mix and Jam to create an original character model for use in their demonstration videos.

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