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Craig Schutt has been writing a Comic Buyer's Guide column under the title Mr. Silver Age for over ten years. As can be guessed, his subject of specialty is The Silver Age of Comic Books. Like many other critics and other subject matter experts his work tends to point out the usage of tropes.

Tropes for his column:

  • Artistic License – Physics: Invoked in an at least one Mopee Awards edition of his column when explaining why it's a bad idea for Superman to suddenly stop the Earth's rotation.
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  • Fanon Discontinuity: His first Mopee Awards column invoked the idea. It was named after Mopee, some sort of angel that granted The Flash of the Silver Age his powers. He claims fan response to this story was almost universally, "Nah, never happened."
  • Idiot Ball: His annual Mopee Awards columns pointing out the goofiness of the Silver Age tend to point out when the heroes, villains, or writers have grabbed such a ball and made a long run down the field.


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