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Sugar Ball, Connor's Author Avatar.

Connor Dean, also known as GlazeSugarNavalBlock (formerly known as ThatCube1991, xX-SugarTheCube-Xx, Ball-of-Sugar, and SugarCreatorOfSFDI) is an artist on DeviantArt and a member of the object show community. Hitting the scene in July of 2013, the first thing he drew that was related to object shows was this drawing of his now weird ship Matchbrush (Match x Paintbrush). He then followed by introducing his first OC, Cube (who, as of February 17th, 2017, is now a ball of sugar).

Connor used to be immature and draw a lot of Crack Pairing art, including Matchbrush and Marshatin, before he started acting more maturely around 2017.

He usually draws object show art, but he also does sci-fi creatures as well. However, he isn't very open at Bloodier and Gorier object shows, such as ShallotHare's Object Terror. He also deems his pre-2017 content as an Old Shame and shudders when someone brings it up. His main OC group is the "Sugar Bunch", which all of the members can be listed below. Once a month, he opens requests for 20 (previously 10) users lucky enough to see the request journal in time, but outside of that he also does point commissions for other users which he will accept at any time.


While you can request him to draw you some art, it has to be related to Object Shows, safe for work, and cannot be too complex. He also treats certain games, such as Fortnite, Among Us, and Friday Night Funkin', as fast food and has a negative opinion on these games (which can be explained by the toxic side of the communities), so best not ask for Crossover content regarding these either.

Connor's Object OCs

The Sugar Bunch

  • Sugar Ball: Connor's main OC. Originally Cube, who was previously established as the autistic, childish twin brother of Blocky from Battle for Dream Island, he was re-imagined as Sugar Ball, who has since became more mature. His Salty Bunch counterpart is Salt Ball. He was also a competitor in the now Retconned TROC 1. He eventually created Caramel Ball, who became his brother.
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  • Glazed Star Top Hat: Adopted from a user named AshleyAnnArita (now cubismm). While originally just having magic powers as her only personality trait, she became a Chew Toy once Connor realized that she felt too OP. Her powers would not return until quite a while after, though she's still abused a lot. Her Salty Bunch counterpart is Shoe.
  • Floating Robotic Naval Bomb (Naval): The Cutie with a Dark and Troubled Past revolving around their 'brother', Mechi. Other than that, they're energetic and friendly. As a RoboNaval (naval bomb), they can explode, but only when frightened or angered (and even then they only appeared to be covered in ash in the aftermath). Their Salty Bunch counterpart is Kyoi.
  • Art Block: This OC being associated with Connor had a long history. Originally taken from a user who eventually built the courage a couple years later to demand that he bring it back to them (the character was originally created as a joke OC). They eventually let Connor's Art Block exist because their version has been given a Given Name Reveal and a backstory. Being part of the Sugar Bunch, he is ambiguously good, but is a huge Jerkass who uses his Energy Absorption powers to strip his victims of their ideas and demotivate them. Unlike Demotivation Tornado, who has absorb idea energy to keep himself alive, he just does it for fun. Has no Salty Bunch counterpart.
  • Odie: Originally named Inspiration Circle until Art Block was removed. His current name is based on the word "odin", meaning inspiration. Originally just the opposite of Art Block, Odie is currently an artistic character who gets annoyed whenever he becomes distracted or has his canvas violated. Originally the Salty Bunch counterpart to Art Block, but eventually became part of the Sugar Bunch once Connor initially removed Art Block and became the Sugar Bunch counterpart of Demotivation Tornado.
  • Autodesk Sketchbook: Adopted from a user named RainPaintsPictures. Her design is based on the app Connor currently uses to make his art, Autodesk Sketchbook. While she may look like an artist constantly brainstorming ideas at first glace, she's really just an Attention Whore who will ask anyone and everyone (especially BFDI Poster) to draw art for her. Her Salty Bunch counterpart is Photoshop.
  • Fox Tail Keychain: Adopted from a user named Iqzii. She has a love for felines like a Crazy Cat Lady but Up to Eleven, as she would rather hang out with any cat than other objects. Even then though, she doesn't act completley like a cat, as she somehow speaks English. Her Salty Bunch counterpart is Rabbit's Foot.
  • Caramel Ball: Created by Sugar Ball to balance out the gender ratio of his group, and has since became his adoptive brother. He's Younger Than He Looks, as he doesn't have a flying flip on what is going on. His Salty Bunch counterpart is Peppercorn.
  • Petunia: Adopted from a user named AshleyAnnArita (now cubismm). Originally drawn in 2016, she was not toucned upon for two years until finally becoming one of his main OCs in May of 2019. She is considered the Shrinking Violet among the group, and she has a love for butterflies. Her Salty Bunch counterpart is Fire Flower.
  • BFDI Poster: Adopted from a user named SmallKittyUniverse. An extreme Fangirl of Battle for Dream Island. Originally, she was the embodiment of Sugar's interpretation of an extreme or toxic BFDI fan, worshipping it like a religious belief. However, she has became less toxic due to Anti-BFDI Sign telling her to grow up. Speaking of Anti-BFDI Hater Sign, that's her Salty Bunch counterpart.
  • Magnetic Thinking Putty: His personality is Exactly What It Says on the Tin; based on magnet puttys, he loves eating magnetic metal, either with his mouth or with his entire body. The only character known to be immune to Art Block/Demotivation Tornado's Energy Absorption magic. His Salty Bunch counterpart is Gully.

The Salty Bunch

  • Demotivation Tornado: The leader of the Salty Bunch. He has the ability to absorb idea energy through magic, and he needs to do this in order to keep himself from shrinking to death.
  • Salt Ball: The Lancer of the group, despite it being named after him.
  • Shoe
  • Kyoi
  • Photoshop
  • Rabbit's Foot
  • Peppercorn
  • Fire Flower
  • Anti-BFDI Sign
  • Gully

Other/Unnoficial OCs

  • Eizu: A telepathic pearl-like object with wings. He is able to curse Jerkasses where they will die in three days unless they manage to pull off a full Heel–Face Turn.
  • Saberplush

Abandoned/Retired OCs

  • Phobo: A stick figure OC made all the way back in 2013 made edgy in 2018. Never appeared again after.

Connor's Works

Connor's Voice Talents


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