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Christina Pastor Rojas (born on July 16, 1978 in Leon, Mexico) is a Mexican television actress, known for her appearances in telenovelas.


  • Amigas y rivales (2001) - Irene
  • Corazon de Melon (2003) - Rosa Moscoso
  • Desde Gayola (2003-2004) - La Gorda Sansores
  • Corazones al límite (2004) - Olga Casarreal
  • Alborada (2005-2006) - Eloísa Iturralde
  • Las tontas no van al cielo (2008) - Lourdes "Lulú" Robledo
  • Sortilegio (2009) - Mary
  • Mocosos Latosos (2010) - La Diosa del Imo
  • Zacatillo, un lugar en tu corazón (2010) - Sara Villegas
  • Por ella soy Eva (2012) - Antonia Reyes
  • Gossip Girl Acapulco (2013) - Dora
  • Qué pobres tan ricos (2013-2014) as Alicia


Tropes relating to Christina Pastor:

  • Abhorrent Admirer:
    • In Amigas y rivales, Pastor plays Irene, a nice chubby girl who falls madly in love with Luis, the handsome guy in her class, and flirts constantly and brazenly with him. Luis finds her fat and irritating, and he is in love with Tamara, Irene's best friend, much to her enormous disappointment. In the second half of the telenovela, Luis and Tamara separate due to constant fights, and after he agrees with Irene and gets to know her better, he ends up falling in love with her, and the two stay together at the end of the telenovela.
    • In Por ella soy Eva, Pastor plays Antonia, and she is this for her own husband Plutarch. She can't understand why he seemed to lose sexual interest in her in the past few years. Antonia does not know that Plutarch is a bad character who married her just because she is the sister of her boss, and he hates her. Unlike Irene in Amigas y Rivales, Antonia doesn't have a happy ending...
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  • Those Two Actors: Pastor and Manuela Imaz have acted together in Amigas y rivales and Sortilegio.


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