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"The day when you finally understand me... will never come, because you'll never unmask me."
—His alleged catchphrase

"Me? I'm... nothing but an OutCast."
—His similarly named OC's much more well-known catchphrase

An author in FanFiction.Net that is mostly known for his The Data Fragment trilogy, Chisaku has took upon a following of fellow "OutCasts" that appreciates and sees his rather grim and dark writing style as a breath of fresh air in the sea of harem and yuri fics that "...populate 85% of the Neptunia community."


He has made a plethora of Original Characters for his fics, but his main one is Chisaku, the protagonist of the TDF trilogy.

Here's a link to his profile.

On May 13, 2018, Chisaku released ReWritten as a reboot/revamp for his series and subsequently deleted all previous fics related to The Data Fragment. As of August 3, 2018 however, ReWritten has not seen any further updates/releases.

His works gives some examples of:


In general

  • Dark Is Not Evil: Chisaku's trademark piece of clothing is his black trench coat. And let's not forget the goddesses of the Land of Black Regality, Noire and Uni, especially in their transformed states.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: It might seem that way at first (especially during The Data Fragment), up until you learn the he's actually Japanese! He even drafts his fics in Japanese!
    Random follower: Are you really Japanese?
    Chisaku: Yes, I am. My English isn't perfect, if anyone can pick up on it ;;=;;
  • Physical God: Being a Neptunia fanfic, it was inevitable.
    • Chisaku becomes one by the end of The Hollow Shell.
  • Online Alias: TheDarkLightTactician for Chisaku, Lizoto for John, and ShadowKnight for Donte.


The Data Fragment'

  • Intermission: Who can ever forget Noire's La-Station segment?
    Chisaku: That's the worse pun I've heard in years!
  • MacGuffin: The eponymous Data Fragments.

The Hollow Shell

  • Alice Allusion: An allusion of an allusion? Huh. See Darker and Edgier.
  • Childhood Marriage Promise: Nanami to Chisaku.
    Young!Chisaku: That's no good, we're family! We can't marry our own family!
    Young!Nanami: Well, we're cousins! So, it should be okay!
  • Darker and Edgier: From it's mildly dark beginnings to an homage to Alice Human Sacrifice in the first couple of chapters? Yeah!
  • Sempai/Kohai: Enemy-turned-quick-ally Asashin calls Chisaku "Senpai."
  • Split Personality: Zion, the manifestation of Chisaku's anger, frustration, and bloodlust.
  • 20 Minutes into the Future: In the "OVA/Special/Final Chapter/Whatever the fuck that was" has Chisaku as the god of the Oculus Rift-based nation Oculote, him and Noire dating, and the Candidates having their own landmasses during some undisclosed time in the (possibly near) future.
  • Unfortunate Names: One of Chisaku's best friends, Hinata Daigo, would like you to call him "John" instead.
    Chisaku: What's so bad about your name, Hinata Daigo?
    John: It sounds weird.


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