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Catherine Fisher is a Welsh author and poet currently based in Gwent province. She has published multiple novels, mainly for a young adult audience, and many poems in various anthologies. Her writing trends towards the Science Fantasy and Steampunk aesthetics, often with a distinctly British flavour.

Catherine Fisher's works include:

The Oracle Trilogy

  • The Oracle
  • The Archon
  • The Scarab

The Snow-Walker Trilogy

  • The Snow-Walker's Son
  • The Empty Hand
  • The Soul Thieves

Relic Master

  • The Relic Master/The Dark City
  • The Interrex/The Lost Heiress
  • Alain's Coronet/The Hidden Coronet
  • The Margrave


  • Incarceron
  • Sapphique

Chronoptika Quartet

  • The Obsidian Mirror
  • The Box of Red Brocade/The Slanted Worlds
  • The Door in the Moon
  • The Speed of Darkness

Tropes that appear frequently in her works: