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Blanca Rada is a Spanish voice actress. A true veteran of the anime business, she started in The '90s getting into Japanese and Western animation fields and quickly became an important name, eventually spreading into live action and TV series. Recognizable by her brash and sassy voice, she plays masterfully children, young characters and funny nonhuman critters, and can take a wide pattern of personalities. Rada is especially apt in playing boys, giving surprisingly solid male voices, and although she is not a professional singer, has some serious singing abilities. She is an usual part of the cast of anime destributor Arait Multimedia, though is also one of its most active members outside its works.

Blanca's daughter Patricia is also a voice actress, and her aunt, Conchita Núñez, was a famous VA as well.

Notable roles by Blanca Rada:


Western Animation

Live-Action TV

Video Games

Tropes that apply to Blanca Rada:

  • Acting for Two: A given in a dub like Digimon, in which she played many mons.
  • Crossdressing Voices: She is a master of this, and in fact, most of the characters played by her are young boys. Her portrayal of Tai Yagami in Digimon Adventure was so convincing that many people in Spain did not realize he was voiced by a woman until they read the dub cast.
  • Real-Life Relative: She and her daughter Patricia voiced Rubble and Rocky on PAW Patrol.