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Conservative political pundit and talking head for Pajamas Media, William Alfred “Bill” Whittle is the creator of the hit video series Afterburner, a part of the back and forth talks in Klavan and Whittle, and one of the three hosts of Trifecta.

Born in New York City in 1959, and grew up in Bermuda and Miami. His early years were spent working in the Miami Planetarium where he became the United States’ youngest planetarium lecturer.


He currently works for Pajamas Media (formerly PJTV) and does weekly commentary along with his fellow hosts. He began his own website in 2013 where he has all of his commentary-related work, as well as his essays, up for anyone to watch free of charge.

Bill Co-Founded the independent film studio Declaration Entertainment (now defunct) with Jeremy Boreing, a company that was designed to make feature films by small private contributions from individuals.

Mr. Whittle currently serves as the United States’ first Virtual-President of the United States.



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Common Tropes used in his work

  • Cultural Posturing: Crops up regularly when Bill delves into topics that reach beyond America's borders. A good example is his analysis of football (the non-American kind), during which he essentially concludes that it's inferior to American Football because it's a game for poor people and "petty tyrannies", and because he (and America) could care less about it.
  • Deadpan Snarker: As a political commentator this is kind of his job.
  • Eagleland: He likes to emphasise just how Type 1 the US is (at least if it weren't for those damn liberals!), particularly compared to other countries. See also Cultural Posturing.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Andrew Klavan. It has gotten to the point of becoming a running gag to open every episode with Bill and Andrew insulting each other while laughing about it. When asked questions about Klavan in other venues he will often respond with “Why that no good lousy good for nothing…”

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