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Bill & Doug (aka RVDTito4Life) are a pair of Professional Wrestling fans who became a success on YouTube with their WWE Sucks! TNA Rules! series of videos, which they started back in 2006.

Their success attracted the attention of TNA officials, who offered them free tickets to the Genesis PPV in 2007, and eventually, they become the hosts of their online show, TNA Addicts. It also attracted the attention of longtime rival Kent Jones, who became jealous of their success, and that same year, he hacked into their account, but they managed to recover their account.


Over the course of the next few years, Bill and Doug eventually soured on TNA, and became very vocally critical of them,.

Doug is currently more active than Bill is, teaming with other people to bring his views to the fans, their channel has undergone an overhaul, changing the name to 'Fight Feed', which hosts a sporadically active contact sports podcast.

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