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Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu (July 2, 1949 - December 27, 2010) was a French actor and voice actor.

He studied acting and cinema at the Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle university, and worked several jobs to pay his studies, one of which (worker in a cork factory) caused him an accident that cut the tip of two of his fingers. He joined the theatre troupe of Robert Hossein in Reims in 1975, and started appearing in small roles in the films of Roman Polański, Claude Lelouch, Jean-Jacques Annaud and Patrice Chéreau.

He achieved success with three films in The '80sLe Professionnel, The Return of Martin Guerre and La Passion Béatrice. He slowed down his film output in The '90s to focus on stage work and voice acting, frequently dubbing the likes of Harvey Keitel, Brendan Gleeson, Michael Rooker and Robert Duvall (as Lt. Colonel Kilgore most famously). He was somewhat typecast as a villain due to his rough face traits, increasingly rotund build, beard and icy stare.

He had a daughter in 1983, Ingrid Donnadieu, who became an actress and voice actress as well. He passed away from prostate cancer in 2010 at age 61.

Selected filmography as an actor:

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