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Ben Daniels (born June 10, 1964) is an English actor best known for All My Sons and Law & Order: UK.

He is openly gay and his partner is actor Ian Gelder.

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Tropes associated with Ben Daniels:

  • Queer Character, Queer Actor: Has played several queer characters throughout his career including:
  • What Could Have Been: He was the runner-up for the role of the Twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who before Peter Capaldi was cast.
    Daniels: I was approached and asked if it was something I'd be interested in doing. Apparently, usually when it's announced that the Doctor is leaving, the new Doctor's already firmly in place. But a BBC email had apparently been leaked, talking about Matt Smith's departure or something, so they had to announce it officially much sooner than they'd have liked. So I was asked, and when I eventually managed to peel myself off the ceiling, I said, "Yeah, of course it'd be something I'd be interested in doing," and I was hugely excited by it. I was a huge fan of the show as a kid, like we all were really. My era was Jon Pertwee into Tom Baker and then also when it returned, penned thrillingly by the amazing Russell T Davies with Christopher Eccleston. To be thrown into that mix as a possibility was fantastic.