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Isabella May Ramsey (born September 25, 2003 in Nottingham, England), better known as Bella Ramsey, is an English actress and singer.

She gained much notice as the very young but smart and tough-as-nails House leader Lyanna Mormont in HBO's hit fantasy series Game of Thrones, debuting in the show's sixth season. She went on to play Mildred Hubble in the Netflix adaptation of The Worst Witch.

After voluntarily leaving The Worst Witch after the third season, due to mental health issues and other projects, she is currently the voice of the titular blue-haired girl on the animated series Hilda.

She's set to star as Ellie in the HBO live-action series adaptation of The Last of Us alongside Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller.


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Hilda - Season 2

"The Life of Hilda" is sung by Hilda's voice actress Bella Ramsey. The song follows Hilda's daily life as an adventurer. It is not only adorable but it's also Bella's first debut song!

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