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Barry Keoghan (born October 18, 1992 in Dublin, Ireland) is an Irish actor and model.

He is best known for his roles in Dunkirk, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Love/Hate and Calm with Horses. He's also an amateur boxer and an ambassador to Dior.

He currently lives with his girlfriend Shona Guerin in Los Angeles, California.

Selected filmography



  • Dawson Casting: In several roles, including his two "breakout" roles in the 2017 films Dunkirk and The Killing of a Sacred Deer, he has played teenagers when well into his twenties. Director Bart Layton was initially hesitant to cast him as an American college student in American Animals because he thought he looked too young.
    Bart Layton: I was concerned because he looked so young. I mean, he looks 16 and these guys are in their twenties. And I was already in the process of casting Evan Peters... as the other kinda lead. And Evan’s like 30. And Barry’s 25 but looks young. And I was like how’s that gonna... so I put that aside, but then I kept coming back...
  • Fake Nationality: While most of his roles tend to match his Irish nationality, Keoghan has portrayed Americans (The Killing of a Sacred Deer and American Animals), Brits (Dunkirk and The Green Knight) and even a Ukrainian (Chernobyl) onscreen.