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Ashi Productions (葦プロダクション; from 2007 to 2018 they were known as known Production REED before going back to their old name, and not to be confused for fellow photography and animation company Asahi Production) is a Tokyo-based anime studio first established in 1975 by former Tatsunoko Production staff. They are known mostly for their Mecha and Magical Girl anime.

They were owned by Bandai Namco Holdings between 2001-2005, then by toy company Wiz from 2005 to 2010. Actas was also a part of the company from their establishment in 1986 to 1998.

On February 12, 2019, they changed their name back to Ashi Productions with the intention of pushing forward with new feelings and a theme of "let's make something interesting" and "let's make something fun".

Compare Toei Animation, TMS Entertainment, Studio DEEN, Sunrise and Tatsunoko Production, other long lasting anime studios. See also Industrial Light and Magic, another animation studio that was also formed in 1975. For a full, comprehensive list of their work; check out here.


Anime Produced by Ashi Pro (among others)

American Projects

Other credits (Among others)

Tropes Associated with Production Reed

  • Cash Cow Franchise: Several of their shows.
  • Merchandise-Driven: Beast Wars II & Neo, the Machine Robo franchise, M.A.S.K. & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legend of the Supermutants are prime examples.
  • Off-Model: They were never the best to keep their shows consistent, though Dancougar and Mega Man are the worst offenders.

Alternative Title(s): Production Reed


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