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''¡Hola amiguitos! Soy yo, ¡Mickey Mouse! Oigan, ¿Quieren entrar a mi casa? *beat* Pues, ¡adelante! ¡Vamos! explanation
Arturo Mercado Jr. with a small taste of his roles.
Arturo Mercado Leonel de Cervantes, better known as Arturo Mercado Jr. (born November 29, 1974), is a Mexican actor, broadcaster and director, with 39 years of experience, beginning on November 29, 1979. The third generation of a family of dubbing legends (including Arturo Mercado, his father) Mercado is a famous voice actor in his own right.

Anime roles



Film roles

  • Green Lantern: Hal Jordan/Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds)
  • Spider-Man (Sam Raimi Trilogy): Harry Osborn (James Franco)

Videogame Roles

Western Animation roles


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