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Anna Lise Phillips is an Australian actress whose birth date is not stated. She has been acting since 1997. The show Revolution has been the most recent show she has starred in.

Works she has appeared in:

  • 1000 Meilen für die Liebe
  • All Saints: Heather, appearing in the episode "Dreams and Nightmares"
  • Animal Kingdom: Barrister Justine Hopper
  • Bastard Boys: Cherie Snape
  • Big Sky: Melanie (as Anna Lise), appearing in the episode "Boxed In"
  • Blue Water High: Loren's Mum, appearing in the episode "Episode #3.9"
  • The Boys: Nola (as Anna Lise)
  • City Homicide: Kylie Barnett, appearing in the episode "No Greater Honour: Reward Day"
  • Clutch: Judy
  • Complicity: Drowning Woman
  • Crownies: Sonya, appearing in five episodes
  • A Difficult Woman: Cassie
  • Dream What You Want: Dream Girl
  • Envy: Rachel
  • Farscape: Young Nilaam (as Anna Lise Philips), appearing in the episode "Vitas Mortis"
  • Good Guys Bad Guys: Emily Costello, appearing in the episode "A Chip Off the Old Potato"
  • Home and Away: Jenena Palmer (as Annalise Phillips), appearing in six episodes
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  • Hooked: Rebecca
  • Katieland: Katie Colvin
  • Marriage Acts: Anna McKinnon
  • McLeod's Daughters: Bree Plummer, appearing in the episode "Make or Break"
  • Murder Call: Eileen Watson, appearing in the episode "Blowing the Whistle"
  • Not Even A Mouse: Jasmine
  • Redd Inc: Shelly Bloom
  • Revolution: Maggie Foster, appearing in the episodes "Pilot", "Chained Heat", "No Quarter", and "The Plague Dogs"
  • The Secret Life of Us: Julie, appearing in the episodes "A Grand Delusion", "Free Will", and "A New World Order"
  • Stingers: Clare Challoner, appearing in the episode "Innocents Abroad"
  • Terra Nova: Teresa, appearing in the episode "What Remains"
  • The Three Stooges: Mabel Fine (as Anna-Lise Phillips)
  • Tricky Business: Lara Donnelly (as Anna-Lise Phillips), appearing in the episode "Mothercraft"
  • Walking on Water: Kate
  • Water Rats: Megan (as Anna Lise), appearing in the episode "Soft Target"
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  • Wildside: Laurel Williams (as Anna Lise), appearing in the episode "Episode #1.16"
  • WillFull: Catherine Waterford
  • A Wreck, a Tangle: Max
  • Young Lions: Det. Sr. Const. Cameron Smart, appearing in 22 episodes