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Anders Fager (born 1964) is a former Swedish Army officer and game designer turned horror writer. He is sometimes compared to John Ajvide Lindqvist, another Swedish author who writes about the super natural invading modern day Sweden, through Fager's work is often equally bleak it's also less sentimental and more pulpy.

In the 80's he worked with Äventyrspel, traveling Sweden to demonstrate Drakar & Demoner as well as wrote Spindelkonungens pyramid, the first RPG in Swedish. In the 90's he left the game industry to become an officer in the Swedish army.

His first published work was the 2009 short story collection Swedish Cults (Svenska kulter) which received rave reviews. He also returned to RPGs and has co-written Swedish releases of Call of Cthulhu, Tales from the Loop and Chock, a Swedish spin-off from Tabletop Game/Chill. Between 2012 and 2019 re released a trilogy of horror novels eventually called The Case Cornelia Karlsson about a disturbed woman promising her soul to Nyarlathotep.


His table of works is somewhat muddied. Foreign releases of his short stories has often created their own collections, unlike the Swedish releases. His short stories were originally released as Svenska kulter (Swedish Cults), Interspecies Liaisons (Artöverskridande förbindelser) and You can not live (Du kan inte leva) and later collected as Collected Swedish Cults (Samlade Svenska Kulter).

Works by Ander Fager

  • Collected Swedish Cults (2011)
  • I Saw Her Today at the Reception (2012) - The first part of The Case Cornelia Karlsson-trilogy
  • The Evil Substitute (2014) - A children's book told in rhymes.
  • A Man of Wealth and Taste (2014) - The second part of The Case Cornelia Karlsson-trilogy
  • Kaknäs' last tape (2011) - A short story collection based on the Swedish RPG Mutant.
  • Dirty Black Summer (2016) - A graphic novel based on the story The Furies of Borås from Collected Swedish Cults.
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  • Eve's First Week Being Dead (2017) - Audiobook exclusive about a middle age woman becoming a vampire.
  • For the Love of Goddess (2017) - A fantasy novel
  • War! Children! (2019) - The final part of The Case Cornelia Karlsson-trilogy
  • The Crows (2020) - A original graphic novel


  • Author Appeal: Eldritch Abominations, Stockholm, the 80's and 90's, the Swedish Empire, the military and sex. Lots of sex.
  • Creator Provincialism: Most of his stories takes place in and around Stockholm. Regardless of period.
  • Cosmic Horror Story: Most of his work is firmly in the territory of Lovecraftian Horror.
  • The 'Verse: Much of Collected Swedish Cults takes place in the same universe as well as the same universe as The Case Cornelia Karlsson-trilogy.