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Alterna Comics is an American comic book publisher based in New England and founded by Peter Simeti in 2006.

Alterna Comics is a bit different from other American comic book publishers. As opposed to ongoing comics series, they tend to publish creator-owned graphic novels, one-shots and mini-series. The company also gained attention in 2017 when they brought back printing comics on newsprint paper, selling them both in comics shops and at newsstands.

The company's offerings are varied. In addition to superheroes, they have published horror, science fiction, fantasy, crime and anthologies.

Their official website is here.


Notable works include:

  • The Actual Roger
  • Adam Wreck
  • Amazing Age
  • American Terror
  • Birth
  • The Chair
  • Cyko KO!
  • The Deadbeat
  • It Came Out On A Wednesday
  • Lilith Dark
  • The Last West
  • Metaphase
  • Novo
  • Mr. Crypt
  • Scrimshaw
  • Sonitus
  • Trespasser
  • The Wicked Righteous


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