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"Curse these humanized ponies. They drive me to write."

The Albinocorn is a Fanfiction writer for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. He's prolific in the fandom for numerous fanfics starring Sunset Shimmer; a particular claim to fame is that he wrote Sunset of Time, the first Sunset Shimmer fanfic on  Another particularly famous work is Long Road to Friendship and its sequel Spectacular Seven. Beyond focusing on Sunset, though, his works vary greatly in tone, genre, and length.


Fanfics with their own pages:

The Albinocorn's works include examples of:

  • Author Appeal
    • Sunset Shimmer, naturally: a vast majority of his writings focus on her. Accordingly, the Sunset x Twilight pairing and Sunset's relationship with Celestia feature a lot.
    • Discussions on how magic and magical artifacts work, and ancient legends and lore about them.
    • His fics tend to play up the Magical Girl elements of the franchise with detailed magical fight scenes and transformations.
  • Breakout Character: The Long Road to Friendship Sunset ended up starring in episode reviews, and then branched into featuring in other blogs.
  • Follow the Leader: Since he wrote two of the most prominent Sunset Shimmer fanfics in the fandom, and they were very early ones too, a lot of other works depicting her tend to echo what he did with her, either deliberately or not.
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  • No Yay: Downplayed; while Sunset x Twilight fics are prominent, its usually the human version of Twilight, and in alternate-universe stories Twilight will be based more on her human counterpart. Sunset x Princess Twilight is usually ruled out because Sunset either hates her or considers her too much of a friend and mentor to take a romantic interest.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: Mocked in Sunlight, where a very horny vampiric Sunset declares herself "Twisexual."
  • Tsundere: His Sunset Shimmer tends to be depicted as this, veering more to "tsun" or "dere" depending on if Rainbow Rocks is canon to the fic or not (that is, if her canonical reformation has happened or not). Double Sun Daze takes this to its logical conclusion with Sunset being physically split into her nice and mean sides.
    • The Albinocorn himself is known to be this in person as well, fond of using sarcasm and saying "I hate you" to people he's particularly fond of.