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Alain Bergé, better known as Alain Dorval (July 7, 1946 - February 13, 2024) was a French actor and voice actor.

He was best known for his smoky and gravelly voice, which he used to dub the vast majority of Sylvester Stallone's roles (including Rocky Balboa, John Rambo, Judge Joseph Dredd and even a number of parodies of Stallone) since Rocky in 1976 — Demolition Man is one of the only notable examples he didn't worked on. He also dubbed Nick Nolte and Danny Aiello several times, though nowhere near the extent of Stallone.

Animation-wise, he was the official French voice of Disney's Pete since Goof Troop and dubbed Tiger in An American Tail and its sequels and Lex Luthor in Superman: The Animated Series. He also voiced some characters and provided voice-over in Les Guignols de l'Info, as well as voice-over for the French radio station Skyrock.

Since about when Rambo: First Blood Part II came out, imitating/parodying Dorval's gravelly Stallone dub voice had become quasi-standard practice for French-made examples of The Ahnold.

He passed away from cancer at age 77 on February 13, 2024, after dubbing Stallone one last time in Expend4bles.