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The story, and the other story.

Pan-Arabic 24-hour news network based in Qatar which launched in 1996. The name "Al-Jazeera" means "The (Arabian) Peninsula".note  Incredibly influential, the network granted Qatar incredible amounts of global influence, and was very controversial in the region.

Al Jazeera has at various times been accused of being anti-American, anti-Jewish, and anti-Islamic (but not all at the same time). About the only "anti-anything" that they can uncontroversially be proved to be is "anti-Israel", and only that in the sense of "disapproving of the continued Israeli presence in the West Bank and blockade of Gaza," which quite literally comes with the territory (being an Arab network, after all, Al-Jazeera criticizing the Israeli occupation is rather like an American network during the Cold War criticizing the Soviet Union). The network has received complaints for media bias towards the language they are broadcasting in — the English-speaking channel is accused of being more pro-American, while the Arabic versions (especially in Palestine) are accused of glorifying "the resistance", showing terrorist-produced videos and messages.


In the Middle East, it is also controversial for coverage that is critical of local governments, with many countries having tried to ban it and reporters having gotten death threats. Infamously, George W. Bush is rumored to have wanted to bomb them, until Tony Blair convinced him that would be really stupid. That said, the network is not free of bias: it can be relied upon to not criticize the Qatari royal family, which owns it.

In addition to the main Arabic channel, Al Jazeera Media Network also runs:

  • Al Jazeera Mubasher Al-'Amma (AJMG)note 
    • An Arabic-language channel that broadcasts conferences, political events, and other proceedings live and uninterrupted (with subtitles or live translations as needed). Its name is often translated in English as "Al Jazeera Live".
  • Al Jazeera English (AJE)
    • An English-language news network that is broadcast globally. It airs a mixture of news broadcasts, documentaries, and discussion programs with a focus on providing information and stories in the developing world.
  • Al Jazeera Balkans (AJB)
    • A Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian-language news network that broadcasts in the Balkan nations, primarily airs subtitled programming from other Al Jazeera divisions.
  • Al Jazeera America (AJAM)
    • A cable news network primarily focused on American news, replacing Al Jazeera English for viewers in the United States (but does air some AJE programming). Formed after Al Jazeera purchased Al Gore's CurrentTV channel in 2013. It went out of business in 2016.
  • beIN Sports
    • An international chain of sports networks, with particular prominence in the Middle East, France, Spain, and Australia. Its operations in North America are more geared towards being a home for international sports programming (particularly soccer), although the U.S. network began to dabble in domestic college sports in 2016 by picking up some Conference USA football and basketball games.


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