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Ai Shimizu (born March 26, 1981) is one of the new generation of Japanese voice actresses. Her roles seemed what many female actresses had, typically a Token Mini-Moe.

Had a relationship with Mai Nakahara, even singing together for anime theme songs. In fact, the music video of the Strawberry Panic! ending theme song is outright Les Yay.

She occasionally sings as well and is signed to Lantis for her singing career.

She also launched a career in Professional Wrestling since 2013, a move that surprised a lot of fans. For her wrestling career, she is a 1x Triangle Ribbon Champion.

She changes aliases extremely often when voicing adult games, and many of them parody existing car model names. Because of this, she is commonly referred to as "車の人" (Kuruma no Hito; the car person) on online discussion boards.

Not to be confused with Ami Koshimizu.