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  • Fighter from 8-Bit Theater. A warrior so stupid that he stopped himself and the party from dying after a huge fall by BLOCKING THE GROUND!
  • The characters in Penny Arcade both often have Crazy Awesome moments. In fact, Gabe is given that exact title in this comic.
  • Tedd of El Goonish Shive. Observe.
  • Eddie from Emergency Exit.
  • Rocky Rickaby of Lackadaisy.
    Rocky: [leaning out the window of a burning truck] Are you questioning my logic?
  • Richard from Looking for Group has a number of Crazy Awesome moments, mostly since he makes the most jokes and pop culture references.
    Richard: You just got Dick Roll'd.
    • He bitch-slapped a shark just for the sake of doing it. Oh, and remember, the orphanage attacked him. It was self-defense.
  • Clau from M9 Girls! is not the smartest from the four girls, yet she manages to perform her job as a science intern, and has a natural intuition that allows her to understand how to use her powers before any of the other girls.
  • Riff from Sluggy Freelance. His insane inventions malfunction about as often as they work and are usually used for incredibly mundane activities, but they're just so awesome. A paintball gun that drowns the enemy team in paint. The "Gworg" monster. A voice-activated, toast-making laser. A catapult that launches "censorizing black bars" to block a female assassin's "distracting nudity."
    • A lot of Sluggy runs on this, though it doesn't always have to be associated with a character so much as the whole story's premise.
    • And there's also Bun-bun. Now, he doesn't actually act crazy or necessarily do very crazy things, but his entire premise is that he is theoretically the strip's cute talking animal, being a small, cute rabbit and all, but, contrasting this and turning it on its head, he's really ridiculously badass and very evil. At first it's just a joke, but it soon elevates him to Crazy Awesome as he is shown to be one of the coolest characters around.
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    • As for stories that are Crazy Awesome, how about "Holiday Wars"? What starts out with jokes about an evil rabbit trying to kill Santa Claus develops into a years-long arc that goes through Santa starting to go insane and creating an Easter Bunny Terminator to go after Bun-bun, then Santa being infected by alien DNA and trying to take over the world only to be stopped by Bun-bun and elves with Nerf-weapons, and finally escalates with Bun-bun threatening to take over the world by killing many of the anthropomorphic personifications of the various holidays—such as the Pumpkin-Headed King of Halloween and the Alien Santa—to steal their powers. And it's as cool as it is insane.
    • The seemingly-normal toaster that shoots toast over a dozen feet into the air through walls. He once tried to sell it to a hardware company, but when the CEO tried to try the "Leggo My Eggo" trick, fingers were lost. Then he suggested selling it to the military.
  • Largo, Dom, and Ed from MegaTokyo. Actually the whole series could be crazy awesome, but those three look crazy even to the other inhabitants.
    • Largo decapitates a zombie...with a giant radish...from the seat of a three-wheeled muffin cart.
  • Girl Genius runs on this—see also mini-arcs called "X flips out". Any Spark probably qualifies.
    • One memorable quote: "What kind of Sparks are you guys? Not one death ray among the lot of you!"
    • Also, calming pies. You don't eat them. You throw them. They work, too, as long as the amount of nutmeg is correct.
      Take that, Brillat-Savarin!
    • "No! Are you crazy?! Oh, wait! Of course you are!"
    • "We're just going to kill you, and then you'll be fine!"
    • Then we have the Jägermonsters, a whole race of Crazy Awesome individuals created by Sparks (more precisely, the Heterodynes). Quite frankly, a race of multi-colored Toblerones that have Nice Hats as a symbol of status simply can't be other thing if not Crazy Awesome.
  • Jayden and Crusader's resident mad scientist Smic is known for his crazy awesome moments, including, but not limited to, harnessing the power of sunspots to fill the house with pizza, firing a cannon using cream as gunpowder and defeating an alkaline super-monster using his bare hands. He is also extremely British.
  • Dude Guy in the Nsider comic Shy Guy Tale was regarded by fans as the most awesome thing ever. This was lampshaded in one comic by Dude Guy poofing away a would-be attacker and replying "I'm just that awesome" when asked how he did it.
  • In Wily's Defense gives us the one and only Freeze Man! To name a few things, his first line in the comic is "Hello, ground! Nice to see you again!", he's hilariously violent for the sole reason that he's just plain insane, Satan lives in his head, he constantly refers to himself as "Batman", and he's aware that he's both in a TV show and a webcomic.
    Heat Man: Alright. As a token of my awesomeness, I'm going to give you twenty seconds to answer my questions. 1) Who in the name of ME are you? 2) In what way are you NOT a complete Me-damn fairy? And most importantly... 3) Why are you not on your knees and bowing before my greatness? You have twenty seconds, lower being! Get a-answerin'.
    Freeze Man: Oi oi, just twenty? That seems like a very low amount of time to be "a-answerin'" your inquiries. 1) The name I am known by is BATMAN. 2) I don't say 'HEY! LISTEN!' every 3.1415 seconds! 3) Probably because I have a limited amount of poses, and so I don't have a 'bow down before your greatness' pose.
  • Katarakis from Starslip. He tried to take over the world with art, visited the formation of the universe, and destroyed the timeline and the site itself with a spork.
  • Both Killroy and Brandon in Killroy And Tina, which is probably why they get along so well.
  • Elan of The Order of the Stick, as demonstrated in the arc starting here.
    • Also Belkar, from the very beginning. Sexy shoeless god of war indeed...
    • Xykon has some aspects of this as well. Dude tossed a bouncy ball with a Symbol of Insanity spell inscribed on it into a room full of paladins. The outcome contained a balance of Hilarious and Horrific worthy of the Joker.
  • Jim of Darths & Droids with his Mind Screw plan for freeing Anakin in episode 1.
    Pete: Let's just recap here. We've given away our only means of transportation to someone to throw a race in which—at our insistence—he is no longer competing. We've bet all our money on a nine-year-old driver who has never raced before, in a vehicle he built in his backyard—
    Sally: Whatsa never been driven before!
    Pete: We've sold all of our decent weapons to raise the money for the aforesaid bet. And if by some bizarre unforseen chance we don't win, you've agreed to hand the Queen of a planet we're meant to be helping over to a sadistic slave-owner—
    Sally: And Shmi will come after us, muy angry!
    Pete: And...a group of mercenaries, armed by you, Jim, will expect you to help them
    Jim: That's about right.
    Pete: This campaign is awesome.
  • In Schlock Mercenary, we have Corporal Pibald, a soldier who's either completely insane or a very good actor. Oh, and he makes high explosives in his cabin.
    • He disguises it as an ant farm!
      • And by high explosives, we mean anti-matter.
    • He's not a corporal. He's Batman, and he can breathe in space.
      • He once made a gun that can put a hole in the world. A permanent, very impressive, hole in the world. And it was a pistol.
    • Schlock himself, as well.
      Thurl: I don't know what Schlock would do. You just said you're unarmed...Well, I suppose that depends on how many of them you can eat in one sitting.
  • A Path to Greater Good has Burk. He would like you to know that he is "The Future".
  • Everyone in The Adventures of Dr. McNinja lives and breathes this trope. Start with Dr. McNinja, who runs a medical practice with a gorilla for a secretary, regularly fights hundred-foot-tall giants, punched out Death, air-surfed a robotic Dracula, battled laser-eyed cyborgs, saved the world with tennis, and massacred countless clones, Sky Pirates, and Mooks.
    • Then you have the supporting characters—his entire ninja family, his raptor-riding 12-year-old sharpshooter sidekick, his mentor the Ben Franklin clone, Dracula himself, the time-traveling ex-astronaut Mayor, his college superhero team and his motorcycle. The only person who isn't crazy awesome is his ex-girlfriend, and she once skyjacked an airplane while dressed up as an ancient Incan robot.
    • Dan McNinja, the Doctor's father, gets bonus points for lighting himself on fire because ninjas can't catch you when you're on fire. Frans Rayner also gets points for testing out that theory by lighting two of his mooks on fire.
      Minion: You're not trying to catch them, sir?
      Rayner: [sips his coffee] No. I guess they were right.
    • Having noticed his own reputation for creating such characters, the author finally said "screw it" and created King Radical. He's a king of the "cereal mascot" variety from an alternate universe called the Radical Land who became the leader of the Cumberlandnote  mafia after sealing away the evil unicorn king Sparklelord. He routinely rides his motorcycle over alligator pits, has trumpeters on skateboards announcing his presence, and eats only fresh, locally produced organics, prepared simply and with passion.
    • Two words: Dubstep quartet. King Radical weaponized Dubstep, DUBSTEP!
    • King Radical made a Giant Mecha out of Cumberland. No, not things from Cumberland, the literal town. How? By utilizing the town defense system connected by a supernatural wireless network made up of haunted boards of wood cut from a haunted forest to force every building to part of it. And then the president fights back using a dino-robot made from tanks and fighter jets.
      • Oh yeah, and Dr. McNinja was the one who designed the town-combining-mecha robot town defense system.
    • The position of mayor of the town is protected by a mummy curse that kills anyone who attacks the town mayor.
    • The good doctor himself defeats ghosts by finding zen through humming the Ghostbusters theme.
  • How about Joe Chaos, from Another Gaming Comic? He's notorious for holding onto anything—anything, including cursed items—and using it against the DM later, such as using the slightly-broken rules for choking to give himself time against a poison attack with a cursed Necklace of Choking. On top of all the rest, he's also Crazy-Prepared, ridiculously intelligent, and received Training from Hell in the art of playing Dungeons & Dragons. His nickname comes from the time he used a cursed Gauntlet of Rust to completely negate a kyton—a demon that attacks with metal chains. Joe's name isn't even Joe. It's Irving.
    • Also from AGC: Nuclear Dan, who can solve any problem by fireball and concussion.
  • Homestuck: Bro. Like Dave, he has a katana, but prefers to kick Dave's ass with a different weapon: Li'l Cal. How? By utilizing so much Flash Stepping that it looks like Li'l Cal is alive and doing the fighting for him. When he's doing this, you can barely see him on-screen as a blur. And when said ass-kicking is over, he flies away on a rocket-skateboard. In a series that runs off the sheer absurdity of the characters and situations, it really says something when this guy is the Crazy-Awesome-est of them all.
    • He just keeps topping himself after that. In [S] Jack: Ascend, he fights some sort of giant octopus monster and wins effortlessly. In [S] Descend, he rides a giant meteor to Dave's house, neatly cuts it in two, then leaves to fight a One-Man Army Big Bad to a standstill. On a giant turntable. In a sea of lava. To "Atomyk Ebonpyre". In a rematch with said Big Bad, he came very close to defeating him (using both a katana and Li'l Cal at the same time) and it takes said Big Bad abruptly becoming a Physical God mid-fight to finally kill Bro.
    • Post-flipout, Gamzee Makara picks up the Crazy Awesome slack. His Strife Specibus is Jokerkind. What kind of weapon does Jokerkind consist of? WHATEVER THE MOTHERFUCK HE WANTS. Including the WARHAMMER OF ZILLYHOO. When he isn't brutally murdering people, he's Flash Stepping around, tricking people into gathering in one place so he can kill them more easily later, swapping items while people are holding them, generally scaring the shit out of Karkat, and, apparently, kissing Tavros's severed head. Then there's the MOTHERFUCKIN JURY.
    • Bro Strider's Alpha universe version, Dirk Strider, never fails to deliver Crazy Awesome. Over the course of [S] Synchronize and [S] Unite, he manages to revive both of the Alpha universe heroines from death with a kiss, create two players' kernels (while, importantly, failing to prototype them), travel through dream worlds and time, and orchestrate a plan that hinged upon his death by decapitation and his crush kissing his severed head, transported from 413 years in the future, to bring himself back from the dead. All while riding a rocket skateboard. And, presumably, rapping.
  • Hat Guy from xkcd. He may not always count, But he has his moments, Like when he became Secretary of the Internet just so that he could turn the Capital Rotunda into a giant ball pool. Or when he commandeered a Russian submarine so he could go get his hat back.
    • Randall Munroe himself. The guy made a map of the internet. Twice.
  • Mob Ties: Sidney Burns and his booziness were what got this whole mess started, have continued to propel him through much of the story, and is actually a vital part of his character. The fact that the booze is self-medication to keep the trauma of several months being a prisoner of war from turning him into a rage-filled monster only makes it more awesome. Of course, there are a few side effects.
    • The guy frequents a bar called the Trainyard that is full of crossdressers (and not the pretty kind) because he likes the margaritas, throws bottles of beer with devastating accuracy to silence loud students in class, renamed an entire yakuza clan after a high school mascot, and improved his boxing skills by training with a giant panda. Oh, and he often communicates via puppet.
  • Last Res0rt has Adharia, who is easily just a (bi-curious at best) Fish out of Water otherwise...except for the fact she carries a freakin' Efreet around her neck and can order it around.
  • The main character of the The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon. At one point, he's completely buried underground, but have no fear. He PUNCHES HIS WAY OUT.
    • Max Facepuncher, as with everything else, takes it to eleven, introducing himself to the main character by jumping out of a plane that's doing a swoop at high speeds, then immediately starting a fight. That's pretty much how he says hello.
  • Axe Cop: The comic rivals Dr McNinja in Crazy Awesome territory due to the fact that the story is based on the imagination of the artist's six-year old brother (which also makes him Crazy Awesome, as the comic is quite popular).
  • Hanners of Questionable Content is a neurotic Neat Freak with crippling OCD in addition to being the resident Cloudcuckoolander. She is also one of the strip's most memorable and popular characters. When she swings into action, it's usually awesome and somewhat unusual.
  • It varies from individual to individual, but most of the cast of A Magical Roommate is crazy awesome to at least a small degree. And then there's X...
  • Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic has Captain Fang, the Dread Pirate. He is either utterly insane or has a near-terminal case of dyslexia which he doesn't try to circumvent (and is easily distracted). He's also either absurdly lucky or a good enough pilot to go into tricky waters, get even with a crack crew in an artillery duel (while sitting on the cannon face to the breech) and somehow got into the semi-final of a great tournament. All the while rambling and apparently not paying attention to anything.
  • The captain from Romantically Apocalyptic. (S)He wanders the post apocalyptic landscape with his two subordinates looking for humans and monsters. Makes sure along the way that the trains run on time, gets TWO cults to worship him/her, picks up some fast food and rescues his subordinate from aliens with a cup with a red heart and some stale cake. Yes, really. Zhee Captqainn is also highly radioactive, and his/her angry stare can literally make a person's head explode.
    • And may be the person solely responsible for World War III. Maybe. We only have his word for it.
    Zee Captain: ....and since that fateful day I've been at war with every traffic light in existence!
    • Pilot is, if anything, almost as crazy as his superior officer. In his time off, he reenacts the balcony scene from Titanic with Zee Captain, on his working hours, he dutifully obeys Zee Captain's orders to "find me a flying machine" by tying helium balloons to seemingly everything he can find: a chair, a clock, a pair of headphones, a pineapple, one of the giant worm monsters, and a boat. That's frozen in a lake of ice. Oh, and he adopts the giant worm monster as a pet, and names it "Photoshop".
    • When given an order, Pilot charges a shape-shifting, regenerating, life-absorbing Eldritch Abomination with nothing but a broken sword. And upon being absorbed by it, he envisions its attempts to extract his memories for a rational explanation as a courtroom drama with himself in the role of the heroic lawyer. He's so completely insane that this temporarily scrambles the brain of said Eldritch Abomination.
    • When confronted by a small fragment of that same Eldritch Abomination, what does Zee Captain do? [[Turn it into a scarf.
  • Scarlet from Sequential Art lives her hyperactive life somewhere on the other shore of sugar shock. She remembers stuff she obviously has no use for in the normal life, but can watch a turning washing machine for hours without getting bored and then set the socks free. A joking suggestion to "fix everything broken", however, applied to the souvenir blaster from a comics convention had rather hilarious results. Later she turns out to be a Mad Scientist, or, rather, part of a Mad Scientist Hive Mind.
  • Robin DeSanto: Hyperactive speedster. War hero. Was elected to Congress three times, twice because she appealed to the desires of toy collectors and once because she flashed her boobs out a balcony. Tried to pass a bill to outlaw cancer. Once built a Rube Goldberg Device to get two men to bang each other. Tried to upstage Sarah Palin by hunting wolves with rocket launchers and machine guns while jumping out of a helicopter on a surfboard wearing nothing but a jetpack and a camouflage bikini. And later won a fight by shoving Faz up Sarah Palin's ass. If all that doesn't qualify her, than the definition is clearly broken.
  • The entire main cast of Narbonic. Helen Beta Narbon, mad scientist who went insane in an Italian restaurant: nearly a dozen people died from the monsters she created using just what she found in the ladies' room. Mel Kelly, intern and gun nut, who in another timeline took over the world in order to destroy it. Dave Davenport, minion, who is too good at fixing things, including the Kill Sat death ray he built from what turned out to be a broken mail sorter. Artie, the super-intelligent gerbil whose goodnatured attempts at making things better have led to an uprising of robot copies of a rival mad scientist, and a pack of evil hamsters.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser Tip Wilkin of Skin Horse. Wears designer dresses on field assignments. Uses his appearance to seduce Anything That Moves.
    • He went to Canada to investigate missing U.S. soldiers and boinked the town sheriff, who handcuffed him to her bed. Just before she and everyone in the town turned into werewolves. At which point he escaped and saved his teammates. His teammates are an unstoppable fast zombie and a genetically engineered battledog, and he got the Big Damn Heroes moment. And he got an I Call It "Vera" moment at the same time.
  • Madeline the paladin from Rusty and Co.. She's a "ditzy do-gooder". How ditzy? The first time we meet her, she wields a hoe and is convinced it's Holy Avenger — because the gnome who sold it to her said so. Only to return later with a spade she called vorpal halberd. She also frequently fights with closed eyes. Which somehow makes her attacks more precise, allows to deflect thrown daggers and apparently lets "magical" agricultural equipment work as advertised—paladitz did beat a tavern-ful of various armed creatures and a pirate crew with that hoe, while the spade was used to the same effect as if it was a vorpal halberd. And she can SMELL evil.
  • Exterminatus Now gives us Morth The Betrayer, who, while normally not in this category, manages to gain this status due to an unusual tactic: not only will he summon a demon lord and ascend to a demon himself, he'll gain thousands of new followers for his master as well. How? By broadcasting the entire thing online.
  • Sydney of Grrl Power is a hyperactive comic store owner with a taste for corrosively-hot curries, a vocabulary that can and does make sailors blush, and, in her first fight scene, threw a guy by his tongue. Confusion Fu is her speciality. And in terms of actual powers, the only people on her team who outshine her are Maxima and Dabbler, the two most powerful supers on Earth. It severely worries both the latter when Sydney's powers level up after an early battle.
  • Kiel'ndia of Drow Tales has definitely crossed over to this. She's always been a little out there (she treated the readers as her imaginary friends). After the timeskip, she's weaponized us. The readers are now manifest as a swirling cloud of black demons that apparently only she can see, and she uses us to fight other characters and capture demons.
  • Freefall makes repeated mentions of Dr. Bowman, some manner of programming, computational, and biochemical genius (in that he designed the brain maps for the setting's Uplifted Animals and, unexpectedly, its robots) who is also implied to be incredibly secretive and stubborn—there are over 10,000 false identities claiming to be him. That's weird, but that's not why he's crazy awesome. We're finally introduced to him, and he turns out to be an uplifted chimpanzee. He's kept in an isolated base at the south pole of planet Jean, has a shock collar attached to him, has his own "tantrum room" to vent his frustrations, and is considered so dangerous that he requires toxic gas, barbed wire, and capture drones to contain. It turns out that these are entirely necessary, as not only does he have a bit of an ego but he proves both clever and dexterous enough to pick a high-security metal door inside 30 seconds and hack a coffee machine so he can back-talk the base's commander. In spite of this, he happily offers to wear the shock collar so Florence doesn't feel threatened by his species' notoriously uncouth behavior, and when the base commander tries to take Florence back (her presence alone is causing a Gambit Pileup), Dr. Bowman holds himself hostage so that he can take a moment talk to Florence, and it's implied he's held himself hostage before. Wow.


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