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  • World of Warcraft has its share of Crazy Awesome characters scattered around the worldspace, but the grand daddies of all things both awesome and completely batshit crazy are: the entire goblin race. To wit, Azeroth's goblins are your run-of-the-mill green midgets hopped up on intelligence-boosting kaja'mite which turns them into a race of Mad Scientists. They put that mad science to work being Azeroth's premiere hustlers, con-artists and extortionists, as well as being the reigning kings of stuff which blows up as well as some of the wildest inventions you could possibly imagine; shark-shaped submarines with head-mounted laser cannons are just the tip of the iceberg with these guys. You can find a fair few topics asking why the Cenarion Circle, or the Earthen ring hasn't decided to turn on any of the goblin franchises because of the repeated, guiltless, and blatant environmental damage assosciated with the entire race. The simple truth is, They can't. The economy on Azeroth is controlled by said goblins. If they were challenged, it would ruin the worldwide economy. And this is assuming the combined might of both Horde And Alliance could withstand the sheer number of resources the goblins could level at them.
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  • One of the bosses, Biggy Man from Splatterhouse. Possibly because he has CHAINSAWS where his hands should be. The remake also turns the Terror Mask into one, being a Large Ham voiced by Jim Cummings and gives Rick ridiculously awesome powers. Not to mention throwing a Batman Gambit to make Rick kill ten thousand monsters to bring the Corrupted to Earth — just so it could give them a humiliating defeat.
  • Once again, The Joker, with special mention to Batman: Arkham Asylum. He has a ridiculous thematic weapons, sauntering, acrobatic brawl maneuvers, bomb threats to keep the GCPD from entering, and said bombs consisting of marzipan and kittens.
  • This trope is seemingly mandatory if you want to be a Demon Hunter in Devil May Cry.
    • Topping the list we've got Dante. Even the most cheesy and narm-tastic lines sound badass when spoken by a red longcoat-wearing, gun-slinging, BFS-wielding half-demon Demon Hunter. Anyone who can defeat a horde of hellbeasts with half a slice of pizza in his mouth deserves to be listed here. And in the trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, he fights none other than the equally crazy awesome Deadpool. Lampshaded by Dante himself if he beats Deadpool:
      "Sometimes you gotta out-crazy the crazies if you wanna beat 'em."
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    • Devil May Cry 3 introduces Lady, a young woman who casually saunters straight into hordes of demons that can rip the military apart armed with nothing but More Dakka, Stuff Blowing Up and a BFG and comes out completely unscathed nine times out of ten. On the crazy side of things, while definitely one of the more stoic and level-headed Demon Hunters, she still employs the same Rule of Cool-based combat style as the rest of the cast, and that's not even mentioning her Unorthodox Reload methods.
    • Come Devil May Cry 5, Nero has grown into his role as a demon hunter and puts as much enjoyment into the work as old man Dante himself, and his Devil Breakers, a set of mechanical arms with a wide variety of outlandish gadgets built into them, starting with Shock and Awe Blasters and Rocket Punches and getting crazier from there, allows him to do stuff like jump up on his fired Rocket Punch and use it as a hoverboard, complete with skateboard tricks for attacks.
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    • Nico Goldstein is a non-action version of this trope introduced in the fifth title, being a craftswoman taking the personality of a teenage boy from a 90's sitcom mack dab into the middle of the apocalypse, she's Lady's arms dealer and the inventor of Nero's Devil Breakers. And the weapons she invents range from the logic defying to the outright bizarre. She's also the living embodiment of Drives Like Crazy, often driving her van to places that should by all means be impossible for anything short of an aircraft to reach in precisely the way you'd have to drive a van in order for it to reach said places.
  • All of the characters of Team Fortress 2.
  • A number of the assassins in No More Heroes.
    • Travis Touchdown: A socially oblivious otaku and complete loser that happens to be surprisingly skilled at killing people with a beam katana, knows pro wrestling moves, is quite thoroughly Made of Iron, and can stop time by faking opponents out.
    • Destroyman: A dirtbag mailman who stars as a superhero in his independent films that convinces Travis to turn his back on him, get zapped by his joy buzzer to the brink of death, has machine guns in his nipples, and a laser codpiece. And he likes announcing his attacks, which activates his SFX converter, the device that launches his attacks.
    • Letz Shake: Singaporean punk rocker with a Brain in a Jar-earthquake maker (whose brain just so happens to belong to his father) and has the honor of the most spectacular if not enraging death in the game. Said Brain in a Jar-earthquake maker (Dr. Shake) returns in the sequel with the express purpose of enacting his revenge on Travis and Henry.
    • Harvey Moseiwitsch Volodarskii: He's a stage magician, for starters. A stage magician that you fight in the middle of a live performance, while he summons pigeons to attack you, flips the screen upside-down (not that it helps him much) and getting out of his instant-death attack involves a Houdini-esque escape trick.
    • Speed Buster: A deaf little old lady with a shopping cart... that turns into a (roughly) fifty-foot long Wave-Motion Gun. And her BGM is called "Mach 13 Elephant Explosion".
    • Bad Girl: In her spare time she chugs beer and beats gimps in S&M get-up with a baseball a lolita getup. She'll also spit booze on to the bat to light it on fire halfway through the fight. Be careful when she goes down.
    • Dark Star: Giant Dragon Beam Katana, for starters. Story-wise and metafictionally speaking, the only reason he exists is to set the player up for a Mind Screw as he, by revealing his face, convinces Travis that he's his killed-in-front-of-Travis'-eyes-dead father... only he's not, which ought to qualify for something—if not crazy-awesomeness then a defining moment in Suda51-ism.
    • From No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle: Skelter Helter: Has a fairly bizarre gun, but other than that, is fairly unremarkable... until a few minutes after his decapitation, he tells Travis he's not done with him, then raves on about how killing someone isn't the same as ending their life.
    • Charlie MacDonald: Not only is he an assassin, but so's his harem of twenty-four cheerleaders, and apparently their collective modus operandi is summoning a Humongous Mecha from space (or they transform into said mecha, either way is awesome). At which point Travis promptly qualifies himself for this trope again by revealing that he's had his own Humongous Mecha commissioned (its design based on one of Travis' favorite animes, no less), just in case something like this ever happened.
  • The demon Glottis from Grim Fandango has a mindbogglingly huge enthusiasm for driving really fast. So when Manny Calavera, an unsuccessful Reaper and the game's protagonist, is in need of a driver to take him to the Land of the Living after his rival gave his usual driver the day off, he desperately persuades Glottis to become his new driver. Glottis begins his career as a driver by sending Manny to get the boss' approval to make "slight alterations" to Manny's company car. It all goes downhill from there. Behold the awesome.
  • Francis York Morgan from Deadly Premonition. He talks to his imaginary friend all the time, in full view of everyone, and launches into monologues about old movies and horrific past cases he was on even if they only loosely connect to the subject at hand.
  • Max from Sam & Max: Freelance Police. For example:
    (He turns to face an unconscious man hanging by his chin from the bannister. Max nudges him off and he hits the ground with a thud.)
    Sam: You're such an adorable urchin, Max.
  • Minamimoto from The World Ends with You: his final attack a big ass-nuke is activated by reciting pi to 150 decimal places!
  • President Michael Wilson of the GREAT United States of America!!! Screw Democratic or Republican, this guy runs on the Badass party ticket. Digest Movie for those that don't know the Crazy Awesome. It gets absolutely ridiculous about two-thirds of the way in.
  • President Howard Ackerman of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 running on the Attack Dolphin party with the slogan of "Screw 'Em All". His immigration policy? Attack Dogs! Those without health insurance? He'll donate a pint of his blood a week to render your immune system indestructible! Special Interests? None! He's too busy serving the Dirty Communists a steaming platter of shame with a side order of suck it. Vote for him if you want to live! He's also a Japanese android. And he actually got a few votes in the RealLife 2008 elections.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • Sheogorath, the series' Daedric Prince of Madness. To note:
      "I once dug a pit and filled it with clouds... or was it clowns... come to think of it, it began to smell... must have been clowns. Clouds don't smell, they taste of butter. And tears."
      "Time for a celebration! Cheese for everyone! Wait, scratch that, cheese for no one. That can be just as much of a celebration, if you don't like cheese. True?"
      "I'm so happy, I could rip out your intestines and strangle you with them!"
      • In The Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion, attacking him causes him to paralyze the player, before teleporting them about a thousand feet over the island. If you can actually find the area he teleported you to, you find a man who was similarly executed... for the great crime of having a mustache. Of course, this is the realm of a Mad God.
      • Sheogarath also fulfills this trope in a somewhat more literal way, what with being the God of Madness and all—the less crazy he is, the less powerful he is! He also inspires this trope in his followers, sometimes.
    • In Morrowind, Divayth Fyr is considered this, due to him being a 4,000 year old wizard, the highest level NPC in the vanilla game, a collector of both Dwemer artifacts as well as artifacts associated with the "Battlespire" event, and an eccentric genius who surrounds himself with Opposite-Sex Clone wives/daughters, diseased zombie-esque maniacs, and the last living Dwarf. He left the council of Great House Telvanni and the Psijic Order in order to run his Corprusarium (a refuge for the aforementioned diseased zombie-esque maniacs) while also working on a cure for the disease, which he finds...sort of. (It only works on the Player Character, and also isn't really a "cure", as the PC still has the disease. It simply removes the negative effects, leaving the PC with the positive effects of being The Ageless and Ideal Illness Immunity.) He would even become the unofficial mascot of the Elder Scrolls lore community for a time on the official forums.
    "Good. Open your mouth, and close your eyes..." Continue "Good. Now swallow... Goodness... Good grief! Look! Look! It's... WORKING!" Continue [Disposition +10.] "Remarkable. Let me check your skin... your eyes... your tongue.... Amazing. I think it worked. No sign of the disease at all. Of course, you still have corprus disease, just like I planned. But all your symptoms are gone. Marvelous. I'll go try it out on some of the more desperate inmates..."
    • Cicero in Skyrim doubles as this and Creepy Awesome. Despite dressing as a jester and coming across as nuttier than Sheogorath, his insanity belies the fact that he's a highly skilled assassin of the Dark Brotherhood. The advantages of this are obvious - in fact, in the Brotherhood questline, he uses his theatricality to pull a Wounded Gazelle Gambit and a Xanatos Gambit simultaneously. After he completely snaps and you're tasked with hunting him down, he pretends to be dying to make you either leave him alone or drop your guard trying to finish him off.
      Cicero: Haha! Behold the final trick of the Fool of Hearts! You think me near death? Haha! Think again.
  • Albert Wesker, from the Resident Evil series, has a master plan that involved getting stabbed through the chest (by a Tyrant's large, clawed hand, no less) so that an experimental virus he injected into himself would reanimate him, with glowing red, cat-like eyes, superhuman strength and speed. It sure as all living hell worked. Come Resident Evil 6...In Chris' campaign, his partner Piers gets infected with the C-Virus during the final boss fight. Infected he may be, Piers jumps into the fray, complete with mutated arm, and helps Chris out by shooting friggin' lightning at the boss. Hell. Yes.
  • Drei from Phantom of Inferno starts off as a sweet, somewhat bratty little girl but the Not as You Know Them after the timeskip is made of this. Stepping out in front of big gangsters and daring them to shoot her, sniping items off the belts of her targets from atop a motorcycle, walking down the streets of Tokyo in a rage and trying to pick fights with random youths despite not knowing a word of Japanese, having sex with the main character in the middle of a gunfight...
  • Disgaea:
    • Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice: Princess Sapphire Rhodonite is gloriously off her nut, and that's why we love her. Take her idea for "opening up Mao's heart," for example...
      Almaz: Princess!? What's the chainsaw for?
    • Disgaea: Hour of Darkness has Laharl; his ultimate attack involves jumping into outer space, landing on a passing giant meteor, and riding it down upon his enemies' heads. While laughing maniacally.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Kefka, the main villain of Final Fantasy VI, manages to be both an Laughably Evil source of humor and a genuinely threatening (or outright scary) Monster Clown by the virtue of being Crazy Awesome. To bully around a foreign leader, he sets a whole castle on fire and quips about having started a barbeque. Dissidia Final Fantasy lets Kefka speak, and if anything, he's even more Crazy Awesome in the cutscenes. In addition, he subscribes to the Confusion Fu school of fighting—his fighting style revolves around wacky, unpredictable spells that zig-zag through the air, home in on the opponent, or hit around the opponent to catch them on the dodge. In essence, his entire fighting style is that he's Crazy Awesome - if he used normal spells, his entire gimmick would go out the window.
    • Final Fantasy V has Gilgamesh, the Ensemble Dark Horse who has managed to cross the Final Fantasy multiverse on a search for rare swords. Amazingly hammy, boisterous and absurd, he manages to combine being badass and cool with being a complete moron. His already insane attack arsenal from Final Fantasy V is given a leg up in Dissidia's prequel—Missile, which in FFV did 3/4ths of the user's HP in damage, now fires a giant homing missile pulled from Hammerspace; Rocket Punch, which originally cut the target's HP in half, has him launch a pair of giant boxing gloves at opponents, and his Jump attack (famously used in the encounter on the Big Bridge) has him leap into the air and descend to deliver a diving headbutt. And if he misses, he crashes into the ground head-first and has to pull himself out.
  • Pokémon Colosseum:
    • Miror B. in Colosseum and XD. Disco dude with an enormous Poké Ball-colored afro and this for a battle theme. And the first time you meet him in Pokémon XD, he moonwalks in. On lifts.
    • The Pokémon most associated with him, Ludicolo. A pineapple duck with a rain-collecting hat that dances.
  • Darkstalkers presents Lilith, Morrigan's incomplete clone. Her super consists of using the same bats that make up her clothes and sending all of them out in a whirlwind attack with the usual consequence. Her other unique super is her turning into a Playboy Bunny and tossing out a top hat which on contact, sets up a stage with the hapless enemy as the star, and playing a dancing mini-game that deals more damage to them the better you do. You also inflict them with more elemental attacks, and a perfect super can even be a One-Hit Kill Finishing Move.
  • The Sims 3:
    • You can give your Sims the "Insane" trait, which lets them to do all sorts of hilariously ridiculous things, like fishing in swimming pools (and actually ''catching'' fish this way!).
    • Similarly, the "Neurotic" sims get compulsive, yet easily fulfilled wishes (like checking the oven) which put them in a positive mood, and have access to a special "Freak Out" command which puts them in a "happy place" mentally that means that for several hours, their Fun need meter won't degenerate no matter what kind of stresses they're subjected to. Quite a powerful ability in the Sims universe!
  • Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure stars a awesomely British Adventurer Archaeologist who summons a Steampunk Humongous Mecha via the Power of Teatime. His dialogue consists of classic British cliches such as "Good show!" or "Poppycock!".
  • Dwarf Fortress:
    • Adventure Mode takes it Up to Eleven...even the rules are Crazy Awesome, such as armour-piercing throwing sand and the use of entire skeletons as melee weapons.
    • The following lines are all taken from the Bay 12 forums. Context can sometimes be inferred, but is rarely necessary.
    "I like the fact that we are seriously discussing how to drop dwarfs off towers using kittens as cushions."
    "I would fill it with magma if there was any on my map; there isn't, so I'm filling it with rhesus macaques."
    "Apparently having a redundant creature entry causes the game to say "Oh look, it's crazy world now. Nothing makes sense! Alligators live in houses!"
    "Exactly, except that instead of watering lawns, it's destroying ecosystems!"
    "To this day, I'm not sure how a grizzly bear manages to sneak into the fort and steal my beer."
    "Odd how 'experiment' in DF is often synonymous with 'raging inferno of death and despair'."
    "And now the thread is about starfish porn."
    "Only geologists and Dwarf Fortress players get this excited about pictures of rocks. Although for geologists it's professional, wheareas for Dwarf Fortress players it's more like porn."
    "Personality-wise, dragons are nothing more than giant, scaly, fire-breathing cats."
    "If in doubt, magma."
    "The Pointless Tower is progressing according to plan, which is impressive since I don't have a plan for it."
    "I have a 'drunk fort', which I only work on when significantly under the influence. I checked it out one time when sober, and couldn't make head or tails of what the flip was going on."
    "The best part of the thermonuclear catsplosionnote  is that they don't explode if they're in a know what I'm thinking. Place cages throughout the map, link them to now have cat-mines."
    "[...]of course, I could never have predicted that duplicating a creature entry would result in boiling silk that freezes people to death. Go figure."
    "Such is life. Sometimes you succeed in your goals and sometimes you and everyone around you is murdered by a gigantic spider."
    "I even had a dwarf woman marry a male livestock dwarf, then milk him, then butcher him, and cook his meat along with his milk."
    "You have proven yourself to be a real dwarf, by nuking hell with cats, impaling demons with ballista arrows and crushing them catapults. Armok would be proud."
    "But lo and behold! Flat worm clownnote  corpses! My prodigious butcher shop gets to work and pretty soon I find myself the proud owner of 118 globs of flat worm clown tallow. I'm currently waiting for it to be rendered, but the solution is obvious: I need to make me some flat worm clown soap."
    "But wouldn't poison squirrel demon soap dissolve the flesh of anyone who uses it? I THINK WE HAVE OUR NEXT EXPORT TO THE ELVEN KINGDOMS, GENTLEMEN!"
    "Now all you need to do is wield 300 shields and 300 spears and then singlehandedly reenact Thermopylae"
  • Bayonetta. A Meganekko Porn Star Librarian / Witch who uses high heel guns and an outfit made of her hair she can use to attack with? Who fights angels and can suplex fucking dragons? What more can you ask for?
  • BioWare is good at creating Crazy Awesome characters.
    • Baldur's Gate. Minsc, especially in the second game, as his already-tenuous grip on sanity seems to slip further and Jim Cummings really throws himself into the role. This is, after all, a character who believes in solving problems with swords, thinks "shirking" is a painful sharp thing you do to people who would steal nuts from squirrels, and gets most of his inspiration from a hamster.
    • A miniature giant space hamster no less. Who is mighty and wise and probably quite stringy.
    • Minsc's insanity gives players what is actually one of the most hilarious ways to get into Spellhold Asylum. Can be found in its entirety here. His fight dialogue:
      Minsc: Butt kicking for goodness!
      Minsc: I grow tired of shouting battle cries when fighting this mage. Boo will finish his eyeballs once and for all, so he does not rise again! Evil, meet my sword! SWORD, MEET EVIL!!
      Minsc: What? Boo is outraged! See his fury! It's small, so look close. Trust me, it's there.
      Minsc: Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!
      Minsc: (as he is promoted to party leader) Magic is fine, but now Minsc is in charge! Swords for everyone!!!
      Minsc: (alternate party leader promotion quote) Minsc will lead with blade and boot! Boo will take care of the details. *squeak!*
    • Knights of the Old Republic. HK-47.
      HK-47: Statement: It's have all these squishy parts, master. And all that water. How the constant sloshing doesn't drive you mad, I have no idea.
      HK-47: My master had quite the collection of tortured individuals that seemed unable to confront their basic personality conflicts. Let me cite some specific examples. Mockery: (as Carth's voice) 'Oh, master, I do not trust you! I cannot trust you or anyone ever again!' Mockery: (as Bastila] 'Oh, master, I love you, but I hate all you stand for, but I think we should go press our slimy, mucus-covered lips together in the cargo hold!' Such pheromone-driven human responses never cease to decrease the charge in my capacitors and make me wish I could press a blaster pistol to my behavior core and pull the trigger.
    • Jade Empire. Black Whirlwind, to whom killing is like drinking wine.
      Black Whirlwind: These Lotus Assassins really aren't all that tough; they're just trained well. I've seen men a lot tougher than this run scared from a fight, but not these guys. They're like well-trained dogs, and just as dangerous... though they smell slightly better, and I'm willing to bet they wouldn't taste as good over a plate of rice. Damn it, now I'm getting hungry... and thirsty. Let's get this finished so I can get something to drink.
    • Mass Effect:
      • Effective use of the Vanguard's Charge ability requires a degree of this, since you're flying headlong into the middle of the enemy's ranks. If that doesn't do it, you can use the Nova ability to biotically explode your barriers in their faces.
      • In the first game, upon seeing that the Conduit is seconds from closing, Shepard decides that the only option available is to gun the throttle, charge through a ton of Geth including several Colossus and hurl the Mako through a Mass Relay. Considering that Shepard has no way of knowing if either they nor the Mako could even survive the trip.
      • Jack is stark raving mad and awesome enough to tear apart three YMIR mechs with her bare hands (despite the fact that they are still rather difficult boss monsters individually at that point in the game).
  • PN03. Starring Vanessa Z. Schneider, a stripperific dance-battling cyberpunk mercernary who inexplicably twerks and jiggles her booty while she blasts robots while wearing her skin-tight "Aegis Suit" connected to her spine and powered by her (hotness) energy, with a thong-bottomed OneHitPointWonder raver/clubwear suit as the ultimate unlock. As the spiritual predecessor to Bayonetta, Vanessa is a "crazysexycool" heroine and P.N.03 is the ultimate fanservice shooter, providing endless hours of grinding combos, points, and ass.
  • Tales Series:
    • Tales of Rebirth has Tytree Crowe. Imagine Kamina with the happiness, optimism and Hot-Blooded-ness turned Up to Eleven, meaning that he never gets depressed and is the only character who has the balls required to give Veigue a much-needed What the Hell, Hero? speech. And if that still doesn't convince you, then bare his fighting style in mind: martial arts in conjunction with an arm-mounted crossbow. And one of his Mystic Artes involves him turning his crossbow into a big Wave-Motion Gun of lightning.
    • Tales of Hearts took this one step further and gave Hisui two arm-mounted crossbows.
    • Anise Tatlin from Tales of the Abyss has the crazy awesome fighting style of riding on the back a giant, animated teddy bear, which then proceeds to plow enemies into the ground like it's nothing. HOLY SHIT.
    • King Richard of Windor - Badass with a sword, King of a major nation, extremely pretty...also possessed by a space demon Energy Being and totally hell-bent on essentially destroying the planet. Watch any anime cutscene from Tales of Graces and tell us he's no badass...then watch his infamous TOMODACHIII HUAAAARGH breakdown and tell us he's not nucking futs.
  • Patricia Tannis from Borderlands. She leaves a series of recordings you can listen to, following her quick descent into various forms of madness. For example, after killing an intruder, she then comes up with an entire backstory and name for him out of starvation for human contact. All this after a rocky relationship with her personal audio recorder? Also, she was the person to actually discover the location of the Vault? Several playable characters qualify as well, the most obvious being the Borderlands 2 DLC character Krieg, the Psycho.
    • Mister Torgue High-Five Flexington. The man is a genius weapons engineer...because of his obsession with Stuff Blowing Up and severe Testosterone Poisoning. His company's best-known inventions include the Unkempt Harold, which fires exploding bullets that split into more exploding bullets, and the KerBlaster, a gun with bullets that drop grenades on impact.
    • Gaige's effectiveness is predicated entirely on mad science. For example, her Action Skill only works because she sawed off her own arm and replaced it with a cybernetic one. That she built after the amputation.
    • Krieg deserves further elaboration. Two of his skill trees are "run around with your shields down hitting people with your buzz axe" and "be ON FIRE as often as possible". The latter allows him to set himself on fire by setting other people on fire, with an upgrade at about level 15 that lets you ignite yourself with any elemental damage effect. The name of this upgrade? Delusional Damage. He also has lengthy arguments with the voice of his sane self in his head and yells non-sequiturs constantly.
  • Metal Gear:
    • According to Otacon in Metal Gear Solid 4 Solid Snake is this. If he's anything like Naked Snake AKA Big Boss, who practically finds zen enlightenment from hiding in a cardboard box, then yes.
    • Otacon's argument was that Snake was insane for going up against a tank with grenades, alone, and winning, and not finding that remotely unusual. However, amongst other things, Snake has punched a man dressed entirely in metal plates, identified a female soldier by stalking her until she needed to use the bathroom, grabbed a statue's penis, deliberately enticed a wolf to pee on him to disguise his scent, blown up a rat with industrial explosives, disguised himself as a woman, disguised himself as a corpse, shot a bunch of hamsters with a machine gun, shook a woman to death using a psychic puppet, and hatched an owl from an egg to use its hoots to convince a guard that it was nighttime. Big Boss has murdered people with a fork, recharged his batteries by eating glowing mushrooms, disguised himself as a bishounen, an androgynous Japanese diety, a zombie, a monkey and a crocodile, and defeated enemies by tying them to helium balloons.
    • Those times when Big Boss held up an entire camp of soldiers... With a banana.
    • Many bosses also qualify, such as Fatman, a bomb-slinging man in an oversized flak jacket who rides around on rollerskates.
      • What about the soldier who fights while covered in bees and grows special bullet hornets in his body, or the cowboy-wannabe Speztnaz officer who fends off a horde of Baltic hornets by twirling his revolvers around, the century-old veteran sniper who is part-plant (and is even able to photosynthesise) and uses a tricked-out dart rifle because he wants to be a mentor to the guy who will inevitably kill him, or the US Senator so jacked up by nanomachines he can block a vibro-katana with his bare forearms?

  • The Truth and Maccer from GTA: San Andreas. Must be seen (and heard) to be believed.
  • Grand Theft Auto V has Trevor Phillips, quite possibly the most Ax-Crazy protagonist in the series' history. There is nothing Trevor won't do to his achieve his goals. Whether it be crashing a crop duster into the bay of a cargo plane (while still in flight!), or jumping atop a speeding train with a dirt bike, and crashing said train with another, Trevor's unhinged antics provide some of the game's most Awesome Moments. But this ends up being a Subverted Trope for the most part, as Trevor's hairbrained schemes always end with him getting screwed out of any profit or pissing people off enough to want him dead.
  • One of Eggman's various plans includes: Trap Sonic in a space ship, drain the chaos emeralds from his BODY, power up a large gun, blow up the planet, then turn around and build an ''amusement park''.
  • Doctor Wily from the Mega Man series. He built a robot made of wood. He's this in the Battle Network series, too. He constructed the server for SoulNet inside an active volcano, and it works. He also has the balls to walk into said volcano while aforementioned server is exploding (NOT from the heat of the volcano, mind you) and give his son, Dr. Regal Laser-Guided Amnesia that makes him forget all about what he's done for the past two games.
  • Saints Row. Any of the major Saints will have an element of this, but Johnny Gatt and the Boss are particularly vibrant examples.
    Male Boss 1: (while on top of a huge steel ball dropping 30 stories just to catch up to Loren) I'M COMIN' FOR YA, FRENCHIE!
  • Faust (formerly Dr. Baldhead) from Guilty Gear. He's nucking futs, even after his Heel–Face Turn. Turning into a baseball player, swimming through air, attacking you with a giant scalpel, and implanting a nuke on you, all while trying to save the world. Gotta love him. Also Slayer, the dandy vampire whose Instant Kill involves punching you to a different galaxy using only the power of haiku.
  • BlazBlue:
    • Terumi Yuuki. Candy-flavoured zombie Jesus on a stick, Terumi! He is a Fallen Hero who has decided to kill God and Create a Playground For Evil, and to that end he initiated a "Groundhog Day" Loop that has pretty much destroyed the world some 700+ times over, and when finally someone who might actually be a threat to him and his plans appears, or even someone who ISN'T a threat appears, what does he do? He Trolls them.
    • Also from BlazBlue, Bang Shishigami, who is so Crazy Awesome that listing everything he's done would probably double the length of this page. But to name one example, his super mode involves him jumping into the air, yelling the most manly battle cry ever, and then teleporting and dashing around the opponent with THIS plays.
      "Quicker then the wind and as still as the forest! Hotter than flames AND MORE MAGNIFICENT THAN A MOUNTAIN!"
  • Street Fighter:
    • Super Street Fighter IV gives us Juri Han. A Tae Kwon Do fighter who joins the tournament simply because she's bored, and is nothing short of f'in insane, as is evidenced in her ending, when she overthrows Seth and takes over S.I.N. She also delivers classic villain lines such as "I'll have my reveeeennnnnggggggeee"! when she loses, which is nothing short of hilarious. She tones it down a bit in Street Fighter V, though she's still plenty sadistic.
    • Also from SSFIV, Hakan. A blue-haired, red-skinned Turklish oil wrestler who lugs around a gigantic barrel of said oil with him everywhere he goes (think Gaara's giant gourd of sand), which he then proceeds to dump on himself at the beginning of every match. His moveset revolves around using his oily body to slide around the arena, and one of his Ultras has him almost literally launching you out of his ass. His motives for joining the tournament are no less crazy. While most of the others are there to defeat a rival, destroy the world or some other dastardly plot, Hakan simply wants to travel the world to find the best olive oil. He's stated to be a multi-billion dollar Olive Oil Tycoon, so he could have done it without travelling the world beating people up. He also has a hot wife with 7 daughters he loves very much.
    • With Season 3 of Street Fighter V came G, the self-proclaimed "President of Earth." Capcom decided to make their equivalent of Uncle Sam a hammy Attention Whore note  with control over gold and magma who constantly proclaims the unity of mankind while striking all manner of poses in-battle, cultminating in his Critical Art, Pangaea Burst, having G pull the classic Uncle Sam Wants You pose as multiple bursts of lava immolate his foe. ("Light it up.") One of his special moves, Message to the People, consists of G giving a rehearsed presidential addressand it charges his Critical Gauge as long as he speaks. It even comes in three different variations!
  • Father Grigori from Half-Life 2; a Badass Preacher armed with a shotgun, holed up in the zombie-infested city of Ravenholm, where he's not only survived against the monstrous hordes, but also built several traps to kill said hordes easier on his own. Including at least three cars suspended in the air that are bound by nothing more than a few ropes, that act as falling anvils of death. The "crazy" part comes from the fact that he views the zombies as his congregation, considers shooting them in the head their salvation (he's not wrong there, though), and seems to genuinely care about them.
  • Steven Heck. It's not the fact that he's willing to torture his employees to find his car keys. It's not the insane conspiracy theories. Its not the penchant for fire, or the funny names he gives his operations, and or his capacity for use of the Improvised Weapon (including decapiting people with soccer balls). No, it's the fact that he welded a minigun onto a subway car and strafed a subway terminal when Mike Thorton hired him to play fire support. He's a fun guy.
    • It's possible — and never entirely confirmed or disputed — that one day, Heck just happened to think it would be cool to become a super-secret operative and so became one on strength of nothing but his sheer undiluted batshit.
    • Also, he invented his own style of martial arts based on unpredictable movements and his own insanity.
  • In Just Cause, Rico Rodriguez has this as part of his job description. Part of the tutorial for the second game involves a carsurfing gunfight and two fights against helicopters with only his pistols and Grappling Hook Gauntlet. The hook itself allows for absolutely insane things (such as strapping a bad guy to a passing jumbo jet). The craziness keeps ramping up throughout the story, including a fights against an APC and a Kill Sat.
  • Durandal of Marathon has some elements of this: he loves composing songs and poems, waxing philosophical, and is very, very snarky. Some of his antics include "The Humbling of Battle Group Seven", in which he took on an entire Pfhor fleet with a single upgraded medium-sized ship and almost won, carving an epitaph (in Latin) into a moon visible from space using a Wave-Motion Gun, and scaring the crap out of humanity by buzzing Earth in a Precursor warship for the lulz.
  • Carmen Sandiego. She stole the Moon. And Gandhi's glasses. And an entire peninsula. And an entire country. And the letter n. And these are some of the tamer ones. And her motivation? She used to be one of the best detectives in the world, but got bored with it.
  • Cave Johnson of Portal 2, CEO of Aperture Science, and a grade-A certified Mad Scientist whose inventions are both brilliant and hilariously dangerous. His finest moment, though, is his proposal on what to do when life hands you lemons...note 
    • Scarier still - GLaDOS agrees with him.
    GLaDOS: Burning people! He says what we're all thinking!
  • In a trailer of World in Conflict: Soviet Assault, the Russians paradrop a freaking heavy tank into a battle to rescue a squad of paratroopers pinned down inside a mall. As someone on Youtube commented, "only the Soviets have balls to drop MBT off of an airplane".
  • Champions Online has one in the form of the lunatic Foxbat. Using a ping pong ball gun that launches custard pies, massive amounts of pre-chewed bubblegum, high exlosives, and the homing device for an orbitally launched ten ton weight (that says "Ten Tons" on it), as well as robot fan boys, he proceeds to: 1 ) Use voodoo dolls to mind control an entire clan of vampires as part of a bid to marry a Superhero / Pop Star, 2 ) Manage to get a time machine that (in an alternate timeline) required more power than the city's power grid to work to somehow work multiple times, grabbing cowboys, samurai, vikings, cavemen, and Roman legionaires to help fight fallen angels, and 3 ) Takes over a local TV Station so he can broadcast the Foxbat show, in "thrilling Fox-O-Vision". Oh, and lines he spouts when fighting you include asking you if you want to be his sidekick. Only Grond has become more of a meme in the CO universe than Foxbat.
  • Touhou in general works like this (as Sanae says, "Don't be held back by common sense") because by nature youkai thinks unlike humans so their behaviors tend to be like this to humans, but Marisa Kirisame stands out. Marisa and Alice's opponent at one point is a Moon Rabbit whose eyes can drive people insane. Reimu, Sakuya, and Youmu - who all have some supernatural background, turned somewhat insane because of the encounter. Marisa (who is pure-born human) didn't. In short, she tops the insanity that makes insane people go insane by being stranger than most youkai.
    Alice: Ordinary people would go insane in less than 5 minutes. Are you okay, Marisa?
    Marisa: Yeah, I'm insane to begin with.
  • God Hand has this in spades, with the main character Gene, and many of the side bosses are awesome because they're so insane.
  • Eikichi/Michel of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. He's a narcissist, to the point where he'll offer demons and even undead Nazis his autograph, and he carries around a guitar case that turns into a machine gun. One of his other demon contacts, especially with other party members, is to put on an impromptu rock concert.
    • Then there's Baofu in Eternal Punishment, who is a creepy guy with a perpetual smug smirk in sunglasses and a gold-colored suit. He never stops snarking at and insulting everyone around him, his choice of weapon is coins flung fast enough to hurt, and he can try to blackmail demons - and succeed! (Though some just think the mere attempt is hilarious.) Oh, and he's also on a personal crusade against the Taiwanese mafia.
  • While most people in Monkey Island deserves a mention, Guybrush Threepwood, while appearing normal on the outside is crazy once you think about it (related to how the games themselves work), but he's killed zombie pirates by spraying him with root beer, he once locked a man in a coffin (which he sold, used) to steal a key, he took instructions to complete a maze by listening to his dead parents singing it to him in a dream, he purposely drank poison to kill himself, then coming back to life to claim a life-insurance all while stealing just about anything he could see.
  • Hatoful Boyfriend:
    • Oko San is a super-fast track star pigeon who's completely obsessed with finding the perfect pudding that will awaken the pudding god and banish sadness forever. No really; he accomplishes exactly that in one of his endings where he becomes the pudding god himself and turns the entire world into gooey happy pudding.
    • And then there's Anghel Higure, a bleeding-heart bird who proclaims himself to be a fallen servant of God and the heroine to be his reincarnated lover who sealed him away eons ago, enters through glass windows instead of doors, and treats everything around him like some grand battle to be fought or some vile thing containing demon spores that must be eradicated to the tune of epic battle music. No one's quite sure what this bird is doped up on, but whatever it is, it's awesome. A side comment from Bad Boys Love says that Anghel's body secretes hallucinogenic pheromones that Anghel himself is not resistant to. In fact, Anghel Higure's route is the only one in which Dr. Shuu is actually defeated; all the other routes have you escaping his attentions (knowingly or no) or getting murdered.
    • Both Anghel and Oko San have moments of saving the day in the "Bad Boys Love" route, specifically because of the things that make them crazy: Anghel's hallucinations cause him to be more aware of actual threats and able to warn (in warped metaphors) and rally the other birds in response to said threats; Oko San's speed lets him pull a Big Damn Heroes moment, and his ignorance of social complexities enables him to reassure Sakuya when the latter is a broken haughty.
    • Holiday Star has Fallen Chronicles: Absolute Zero, where Anghel's unique quirk is weaponized - and countered by enveloping people in a fantasy that they are Magical Girls and using their magic powers to create a shield.
  • Xenoblade deconstructs this with the character of Dunban - while he is an awesomely badass character, his recklessness severely damages his right arm and almost gets him killed. Ultimately, the much more restrained Shulk gets his Monado, and he ultimately takes a level in badass when he gets a level in common sense.
  • Realm of the Mad God has Oryx, the titular mad god and a Drunken Master, at least according to fanon. His exploits include taking pity on orphaned drakes by turning them into trees, creating the recursive Mook Maker Cube God, and reanimating his own puke (okay, it's bile, but you get the idea) to battle you if you trespass in his wine cellar.
  • The Panic Room campaign in PAYDAY: The Heist is based on being crazy awesome. The crew plan to rob a gang of drug dealers of their money, but the money is inside a fortified panic room. Does the crew brute force the door open? Nope. Do they interrogate the gang for the door codes? No. Blast the room open? Hell no! The crew steals the entire room by detaching the panic room with some saws, plant C4 on a few floors to blow a hole to the roof, and have their helicopter pilot airlift the panic room out with an electronic magnet.
  • The Avatar in Fire Emblem Awakening. Informed that the enemy's fleet has just as many ships as them and the enemy ships are packed with soldiers while most of the good guys' ships are only half full, s/he decides that since they can fit all of their soldiers on only half of their ships, they should have half of their ships ram the enemy fleet, then set their own ships on fire and evacuate everyone to the other ships. Caught between multiple armies, s/he limits the enemy's avenues of attack by luring them to an active volcano. Needless to say, the Avatar certainly believes that fortune favors the bold.
  • Cysero from DragonFable. He decided to stuff some people into a Tardis-esque time machine just to see if they would fit. They didn't even have to be in the time machine in the first place. And that's ignoring how blase everyone is about him having made a time machine. As a later storyline shows, Cysero doing stuff like breaking spacetime is so commonplace it's not really worth getting excited about anymore.
  • The Player Character from Sunset Overdrive has a few moments of this, especially in the "Awesomesmithing" mission: the player wants to make a sword to impress Las Catrinas. How does he/she do it? By taking some trophies made of titanium, throwing them into a nuclear power plant's cooling tower, destroying the control devices to heat it up, then jumping into the tower to strike the metal. The result is a sword that shoots fire and lightning in addition to stealing enemies' souls. Awesome, but a sane person probably would never have gotten the idea to do this.
  • Lufia:
    • Dekar proclaims himself as the world's strongest man, and he just might be right about that, being a Mighty Glacier or Multi-Melee Master depending on the game. He can take on hordes of enemies and dispatch tough adversaries all on his own. He's also a very, very stupid man, to the point where he fails to grasp simple taunts and even walks right into an enemy's trap at one point. And even then, he's great at giving advice.
    • In Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, Dekar stays behind in an exploding temple to hold off a horde of monsters. He comes back near the end, on the back of a whale, to hold off another horde of monsters for the heroes.
    • In Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals, Dekar allows Idura to pull him into a hellish otherworld in Tia's place. He comes back near the end, and tells Alex that he blew up the entire dimension behind him during his escape.
  • The Legend of Zelda has had at least two such characters:
    • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess features Zant, the apparent Big Bad for most of the game. Before Link confronts him in the Palace of Twilight, he appears to be more or less a straight Darth Vader Clone who came closer to conquering Hyrule than even Ganondorf himself (in that timeline, anyway). Immediately before he's fought, however, he's revealed to be a Psychopathic Manchild who promptly unleashes all kinds of Confusion Fu on Link. This is turned Up to Eleven in Hyrule Warriors, in which he's playable, he can switch attack patterns even more quickly, and his unique gimmick forces you to do so to be effective.
    • In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Demon Lord Ghirahim uses his creepy, campy demeanour to disorient Link before and during fights with him.
    Ghirahim: This turn of events has left me with a strong appetite for bloodshed. (appears behind Link and rests his head on Link's shoulder) hardly seems fair, being of my position, to take all of my anger out on you. Which is why I promise up front not to murder you... No, I'll just beat you within an inch of your life! (lashes out his Overly Long Tongue right next to Link's ear)
    (Link turns toward him and cringes)
  • In Kirby Super Star, the final boss, Marx, tricked the sun and moon into fighting, got Kirby to go to several planets and collect power from them, and spawn an all-powerful being capable of granting any wish. Afterwards, Marx wishes to rule Popstar. Even crazier as Marx Soul.
  • Undertale gives us the Human Child (aka Frisk) who, if you play a full-blown Pacifist Run, takes being a Badass Pacifist to Crazy Awesome extremes. As they resort to some very bizarre, yet effective methods to get monsters to stop attacking them. Whether you're an overzealous fish lady, a killer robot, or a Physical God bent on controlling all of time and space, they WILL stop you just by making you their friend.


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