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  • O ye who think you have seen true madness, listen well, for you know nothing of this til you have read the tale of the one, the only, Old Man Henderson, the patron saint of The Roleplayer everywhere, the living manifestation of sheer aggressive campaign derailment, and widely known as "The man who won at Trail of Cthulhu." When one thinks of what your usual Call of Cthulhu PC is like, one probably doesn't think "Hawaiian shirt-wearing dyslexic/schizophrenic Vietnam veteran who wears aviator sunglasses at all times, talks to the stuffed parrot on his shoulder in a nigh-incomprehensible Scottish accent, and is motivated for revenge against the cult because he thinks they stole his garden gnomes." And this is only scratching the surface of the sheer insanity that the character manifested.
    • Group of enemy cultists holding a secret meeting in a heavily guarded building? Henderson steals a tanker trunk that's refueling a nearby gas station, drive it towards the building, jumps out just before the truck crashes and blows the cult (along with two other player characters) to kingdom come, landing safely because he installed Heelies in his combat boots.
    • GM is planning to kill you off via lethal sanity damage when you snatch a page of the Necronomicon? Henderson rolls the Necronomicon into a blunt and smokes it, incurring no sanity damage because he is already completely fucking insane.
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    • There's a reason that 1d4chan has a scale to measure how any given action by a player has disrupted the GM's intended plot. That scale is also named after Henderson.
  • Elsinore of That Guy Destroys Psionics may be the only PC in history to achieve a full two Hendersons worth of plot derailment. You can't get much more Off the Rails than a PC killing the Big Bad three times in a row using the GM's own house rules during the first session.
  • We Are Our Avatars:
  • Destroy the Godmodder: A large number of the characters.
    • One of the more notable examples being TT2000, who happens to be the original creator, whose inherent effectiveness stems entirely from the total lack of effectiveness that his actions inherently possess.
    • Similarly, there's Tricky the clown. Tricky is the only character to repeatedly defy the curse of repetition, and the only listed reason: He's an insane psycho zombie clown.
    • Then you have leon and his fish of death. And nimble and his insanity tubas. And pretty much anything that involves Jon Danger in the TV Tropes session.
  • The Ballad of Edgardo: Edgardo from the self-titled story. He wanders into a forum full of violent, edgy jerks playing an idealistic shonen anime brawler and, upon immediately arousing the anger of the rest of the players there, attacks them despite being massively under-level and stuck with cripplingly bad stats. Then when in the process of trying to take his revenge, he discovers that his supposedly useless ability is actually the strongest build in the entire forum and uses it to kill every high-powered magic user and godlike warlord who threatens him by punching them really hard in the face. To reiterate: Edgardo's player managed to turn a build that everyone thought was functionally useless into an unstoppably powerful attack that no one can resist — by accident.
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  • In the League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions Mr. Absurd, once when escaping through a portable hole he reached back through the hole, grabbed the edge & pulled the hole through the hole so they couldn't be followed.
  • WALLE Forum Roleplay: Inferno Optic, Netcop of the Bong. Is she crazy? Yes. Is she awesome? Yes. Do the two intersect? Most definitely yes.
  • Shadowhunter Peril's Veronica Marie Carter falls into this category easily, because she is able to act like a total lunatic yet hold her own in a fight against multiple enemies. She tends to border on the bipolar side occasionally, switching from maternal figure to warrior princess to abusive friend in a matter of moments. That, and the fact that she also blows shit up for absolutely no reason whatsoever.


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