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Couch Gag / The Eric Andre Show

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  • Eric tackling the house band drummer, and proceeding to beat the stuffing out of him.
  • Eric playing with a Ouija board and speaking in tongues.
  • Eric throwing boiling water at a naked man tied to a post.
  • Eric removing his teeth with pliers, then making out with a stagehand.
  • Eric being shot by a SWAT team until he's literally just a pile of hamburger meat.
  • A catatonic Eric being swung around the set by a cable and smashing into different objects.
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  • Eric fingering a snowman before biting its nose and punching its head off.
  • Eric hanging himself while masturbating.
  • Eric ripping off his own arm and using it as a weapon.
  • Eric attempting to fight a kung fu master and getting his ass kicked.
  • Eric beating up and devouring a police officer.
  • Eric enthusiastically watching a brawl between Jesus and Buddha.
  • Eric, nude, wearing a chicken carcass on his head and hands while screaming incoherently.
  • The entire opening being played backwards.
  • Eric beating the absolute shit out of a little person dressed as a leprechaun.
  • Eric snapping a stage hand's neck.
  • Eric sitting in a fancy chair and then being shot in the back of the head from behind by Abraham Lincoln.
  • Eric stripping naked and pouring mustard and ketchup on himself.
  • Eric salsa dancing with a woman in an elegant dress before suddenly body slamming her into a desk.
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  • Eric sticking his dick in a paper shredder before being beheaded by an ISIS militant.
  • Eric getting beaten up by several wrestlers.
  • Eric breaking up a fight between two Asian businessmen.
  • Eric being sucked through a wormhole.
  • Eric cutting his own tongue out with shears.
  • Eric dressed as a Buddhist monk, pouring gasoline on himself before being pepper sprayed by a police officer.

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