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Contrived Coincidences in fanfiction.

  • The story of Caitlin in Hogwarts Exposed is built on Contrived Coincidence. The girl with a ridiculously tragic backstory who Hermione takes pity on just happens to have exceptional magical potential that gets revealed later on and a twenty million Galleon inheritance.
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, there was a need for a Dimensional Anchor. The item found in Tsuruya's backyard during the events of the seventh light novel? Guess what it is.
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  • Averted and then subverted in With Strings Attached. The woman that kidnaps John turns out to be the person who has the Kansael, which the Fans were going to maneuver to Paul. Varx comments that this is a great coincidence, but Jeft points out that it's no coincidence—the script they wrote for the woman has been altered by an outside force. Which turns out to be the C'hovite gods. And the subversion is that it's not them, it's actually Jeft, who altered his own script and created his own coincidence.
  • Near the end of Twillight Sparkle's awesome adventure, Pinkie Pie finds a hidden elevator to Celesia's throne room. It's thoroughly lampshaded.
  • A minor one happens earlier on in Ponyville Goes to the... Dragons??. When Twilight is trying to make the three dragons feel more at ease, she hears one of their stomachs growl and starts to talk about Sugar Cube Corner, and all the treats it has there. This causes them to realize how hungry they are and start to drool with hungry looks on their face over Twilight's dicriptions of the treats there. Well, guess who everyone's favorite Moe Blob draconiphobic happens to walk in at that exact moment...
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  • In Retsuraed, this trope is referenced by name in their MST of 'When Fifi met Tails', based on how Fifi's boyfriend (Hamton) is away on the day of a school dance at the same time Tails is in Acme Acres looking for a Chaos Emerald.
  • Turnabout Reunion: Athena just had to turn on the TV to see Sunset Shimmer's conviction. I mean, Detective Fulbright even specifically mentions Phoenix's name.
  • In Make a Wish Harry's travels around the world (especially at the beginning) are fraught with so many Death Eater deaths that people think "Mr Black" (Harry's alias) is an über-Badass wizard who can make anything look like an accident.
  • A common event in Sonic X: Dark Chaos. The characters (especially Knuckles) frequently lampshade it.
  • In the story Harry Tano, it is explained in a throwaway line that each year, a different wizarding family uses this to ensure that all the new muggleborn students make it through to platform 9 & 3/4 so that they can get on the Express.
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  • Justified and weaponized in Fist of the Moon. If you try to go back in time and change things, you become massively unlucky as the universe literally is out to get you.
  • The Dear Sweetie Belle Continuity: "Paternally Yours" has Sweetie Belle lampshade one when she realizes that her singing tutor is her father.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness: In Act V chapter 39, Moka and the others arrive at the destroyed human city shortly after Render, Leon, Apoch, Astreal, and Good!Falla's battle with Jovian, Jacqueline, and Evil!Falla has left the city in ruins; the HDA promptly uses this to blame the group for the destruction and place them under arrest. In Act VI chapter 10, after the group has escaped the HDA complex, Razico even notes that their arrival was bad timing.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, the Citadel Council lampshades this when they all conveniently show up in one spot where Caitlin Flanders finds them. It's heavily implied based on the previous chapter that Shepard and/orCortana caused this otherwise-unlikely group-up to happen, as Grayson wonders if they've been "set up."
  • Dante's Night at Freddy's 2: Animatronic Boogaloo treats the reader to the ridiculous coincidence that Not only did Dante's twin brother Vergil once work the security post at a Freddy Fazbear restaurant in 1985, but also killed the animatronics within in almost identical ways that Dante would over thirty years later. To the point that, when Dante was sent back in time to 1987, he didn't even realize he was in a prequel. Of course, given every absurd moment leading up to it, it's Played for Laughs.
  • In Flam Gush when Lina is cut by a poisoned knife in a town she and Gourry are visiting for the first time, the nearest citizen Gourry finds to ask for help recognizes Lina, having known her when they were children. Then, the doctor Ryan takes them too once healed Gourry's mother as well when he was a child. It is implied that Erik may have arranged at least part of this for his plan for Lina.
  • In The Fifth Act, Zack is extremely fortunate that he went outside and went below Plate when he was musing over his failure to find out what happened to Cloud and Kunsel. Because he literally bumps into Young Cloud who went to Midgar to find Cloud and treat the Mako-overdosed Kunsel.
  • In Son of the Desert, Edward happens to wandering Central to find and talk to other Ishvalans and Roy is literally tossed to him when he is thrown out of a bar.
  • Empathy: This is referenced in the first chapter's title: Chance Encounter, which was when Riley wandered into the beginning of Big Hero 6.
  • In The Shadow, Luke Skywalker makes friends with Black Three who happens to have friends who regularly hire Dash Rendar for transportation. Dash takes Luke and Black Three's friends in his ship to watch a fireworks display and Mara Jade happens to see it, who goes to inform Vader. Vader is on the look out for a YT series Corellian freighter and happens to find the Millenium Falcon that was trying to infiltrate Coruscant (despite being the most recognizable ship the Alliance has) that day. Luke gets picked up by a different Star Destroyer, which happens to be the one the Alliance attacks while trying to rescue Han and Leia. Though given that it allowed Vader to learn Leia is his daughter and has become a Jedi, one could argue it was the Force at work.
  • In Robb Returns, this is a common occurrence.
    • For example, when the Call happened, Brienne of Tarth was on the Vale, and she was pulled towards the Isle of Faces, which leads to her meeting Brynden Tully.
    • Big one in chapter 74, where Bronn's keep is exactly in the right place to catch Lysa Arryn as the injury she got from attacking Jon Arryn is festering.
  • This Bites!: How was Vivi to know that they'd show up at Water 7 right when the Aqua Laguna would be coming in on the next day? Well, knowing the Straw Hats' luck...
  • A Gem in the Rough: After leaving Alabasta, quite a few things happen in a convenient manner for the Crystal Gems and the Straw Hats:
    • Pressing the Belly Bag Badge causes them to go straight to Beach City instead of the U.G.R.V. like it was supposed to.
    • Vidalia manages to cause Amethyst to reform after taking quite a long period of time to do so.
    • Capturing Peridot the night after they come back.
    • Greg eating the Rhythm-Rhythm Fruit, which was found by Onion stuck to the hull.
    • All of this turns out to have a logical explanation: Garnet accidentally turned on the "Plot Contrivance Mode" of the Belly Bag Badge, which Uncle Grandpa turned off for them.
  • In Gift of A Diamond, Blue Diamond received complaints in droves about Rhodonite from Holly Blue Agate. This eventually stops after Holly gets demoted to cleaning duty with Rhodonite taking her place after she proposed having him shattered for not following orders that could have resulted in human deaths.
  • In Ripples of Coincidences SG-1 informally adopts a four-year-old Harry after Marge Dursley abandons him in Colorado. Due to his Parseltongue ability and their belief that his father was an alien, they decide to take him off-world.
    By sheer coincidence, the total time that took one Albus Dumbledore to be informed that something was wrong at the Dursley residence, find the time to check it out, just about have a heart attack at realizing Harry Potter was no longer there and the Dursleys had been arrested, quietly panic, call for a search of the missing boy-hero, run into walls not even magic could get through, get mightily frustrated, finally accept that he wasn't going to be told where the child was and resort to a Locating Ritual to find him, amounted exactly to the time needed for SG-1's uncharacteristic mission to be approved, prepared, and launched.
  • crawlersout: Fem!Harry's forgetting to pay her taxes somehow leads to her meeting Gellert Grindelwald, who takes an interest in her and subsequently establishes himself as both the Big Bad and her Stalker with a Crush in later meetings. Though it's heavily implied that the initial encounter was not a coincidence at all.
  • Sylvia the Sylveon has several of these, all of which involve the titular character reuniting with her family:
    • When Sylvia loses the collar that allows her family to recognise her, it is found by a friend of her sister, Lucretia - and it is the fact that said friend had wandered off that leads to the reunion.
    • Sylvia leaves behind Hikaru, Nicodemus, and Dilandau because she sees who she thinks is one of her brothers - she is half-right. However, her "reunion" with Vapor does not go well.
    • Sylvia is sold to the same people who captured her brother Alseides, and the two of them happen to be the competitors in their next Beastly Bloodsports-esque fight - which gives her a chance to save him. Later, after they both get caught in a landslide, their brother Moondancer, who happens to be nearby at that moment, helps Sylvia take the dying Alseides to a Pokémon Center.
    • Sylvia passes out from starvation; not only does it happen right as a certain green-haired man is passing by, but it happens just outside where her brother Bolt and his family lives, leading to them to look after her instead. Sylvia even describes the reunion as "one that I thought I would [n]ever ever experience". Not to mention that Bolt managed to run into the perfect wife in the wilds of a region that the Eevee evolutionary line isn't native to.
    • Sylvia happens to witness her brother Konoha evolving and getting beaten up by his trainer for his defiance - prompting her to come to his rescue.
    • Not only does Sylvia return home just as her father is about to die, but he manages to hold on long enough to hear about both her and Moondancer's adventures - which is also what he needed to die happy.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, the can Izuku kicked in frustration just a few minutes earlier flew across the city and hit All Might in the head, giving the Sludge Villain an opportunity to escape and attack Izuku, which in turn attracted All Might after he saw Izuku's Heat Vision go off in the distance while the boy was escaping the Sludge Villain. Izuku is painfully aware of this.
    All Might: I almost had him, but then a can fell out of the sky and hit me in the face, giving him an opening. Seriously, a can falling out of the sky! How does that even happen?!
    Izuku: [sheepish] I-I-I wouldn't know...
  • In Not this time, Fate, in the time between Jaune deciding not to go to Beacon during this loop (to last longer and have more time to prepare next loopnote ) and Beacon's Initiation, he somehow manages to meet the entirety of teams RWBY, CRDL, JNPR, CFVY, Emerald, Glynda, and Ozpin. All on top of a Beowolf attack that never happened in the original timeline. Jaune maintains his decision not to enter Beacon, right up until his meeting with Yang leads to a Bar Brawl that'd have them both spending the next several years in prison if he doesn't "admit" to being a student at Beacon. It's eventually revealed that Fate is an actual entity that's been manipulating things in an attempt to make events proceed as in canon.
  • In Arcadia or Bust, a police officer goes up to Jim in the car and tell him that a large calcite stone was stolen from a nearby Mineral Museum, becoming suspicious of Jim when he sees the Heartstone, leading to his arrest.
  • In Spider-X, with no obvious sign that they were aware of the other, Xavier and Mystique each recruit their first ‘mutate’ (an artificially-enhanced human rather than a traditional mutant) at the same time, Xavier recruiting Spider-Man and Mystique enlisting Electro.
  • In Prodigal Son, Hiccup arrives back in the Archipelago over Helheim's gate just as Berk figured out how to navigate the fog and have just awoken the Red Death ready to kill them all.
  • It is not a coincidence in Life Ore Death that Red Arrow just happens to call for help from the Team when Ferris is the one most available (it's the middle of the school week), nor that the League of Shadows agents involved are ones she has history with; it's a deliberate setup to find out more about her powers. However, it appears to be total dumb luck with no justification that they run into a young Cassandra Cain on the mission, and she proves critical to saving Renka's life when things go wrong.
  • In Danny Phantom fanfic ResurrectedMemories: Ember infiltrates Casper High around the same time that A.J. Murray starts as the substitute music teacher and then independently ends up befriending A.J.’s daughter Zoe after saving her sister Maggie from Skulker, however where this trope really comes into play is that it turns out that A.J. is none other then Ember’s little sister Amy all grown up which also makes Ember an aunt to both Zoe and Maggie.
  • In Amazing Fantasy, Izuku is surprised to learn that his great-great-grandparents had Quirks that would neatly explain his new Wall Crawling and Intangibility powers. He decides not to show off his Super Strength to his mom to avoid worrying her.
  • In Mass Effect: Synthesis, a shocking number of major and supporting characters from canon are individuals needed for synthesis with the Reapers, who can only achieve synthesis with a single organic in the universe. Shepard and her mother, Joker, Anderson, Tali, Wrex, Aria, Garrus, etc., but the most ridiculous is that the last Reaper to achieve synthesis happened to need a Prothean and the last remaining one, Javik, matched.
  • In The Thorny Rose, Bill Weasley points out the very strange situation that Harry owns Dobby, a house-elf that was previously owned by the Malfoys and that can tell them everything they need to know about Malfoy Manor, just when they need to raid the place in search of a book that contains important information. Harry says Karma owes him a few favours.
  • Hellsister Trilogy: As fighting their way through the anti-matter universe of Qward, Supergirl and her evil duplicate approach a star which happens to be the one where Kara's friend and teammate Wildfire has been trapped for a long while.
  • The Moon's Flash Princess: Suguha, while seeking a VR game to help her understand her brother Kazuto's love for such games, meets Kouichirou Yuuki, who not only is part of the company that is creating Alfheim Online, but also has access to his sister Asuna's (Kazuto's Love Interest) stream of what's going on within Aincrad.
  • In One Punch Man: Hero's Harem, several different groups express an interest in either City Z in general or Saitama's group in particular and all head there on the same day. Said groups include Fubuki's faction, the Tank Top army, members of the Monsters Association, a team of Class A heroes, Swim, and another group of random monsters.
  • Child of the Storm has such a complicated Tangled Family Tree that it needs its own page, and loads more Contrived Coincidences besides, such as characters always being in the right place at the right time. Then it turns out that Chessmaster and time-traveller Stephen Strange has actually been manipulating events for millennia in order to prepare the Earth for war against Thanos, neatly justifying all of the coincidences in the first two and a half Harry Potter books as well.


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