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Just like the show!note 

The Simpsons: Hit & Run is well known for many things; its fast-paced mission-based gameplay, the surprisingly in-depth car stats, the silly story, the jokes, and so forth. One thing the game is very well-known for among the gaming community is the sheer amount of Shout-Outs and references it has to the animated series. Here's a list of vehicles, locations, costumes, one-off characters, really pretty much anything the game name-checks or shows off in the game world.

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Around every corner on any given level is at least one location that is from the show:


If a car was featured in the show at the time of the games' production, it is very likely in this game:
  • Assorted Cars

  • Homer

  • Bart
    • The Honor Roller kart from "Saturdays of Thunder", which Martin and his family made to compete against other kids in a downhill Soapbox Derby. As mentioned on the episode page proper, the kart is often Wrongfully Attributed by viewers to be made by Bart, when in fact, it was Martin who helped create and drive it in the episode. The confusion stems from Hit and Run and Road Rage, where the Honor Roller is associated with Bart exclusively, and the games make no attempts to say otherwise. Bart only starts driving the Honor Roller on Martin's behalf near the end of the episode, as Martin gets himself injured in the first round. Bart was also competing in said derby, but initially, in a different kart entirely, but the confusion is very understandable.
    • The Ferrini from "Burns' Heir".

  • Lisa
    • The Electaurus from "Beyond Blunderdome". Despite never actually driving the car in the show, Lisa will drive it as an NPC in Levels 4, 5 and 6; this is a reference to The Simpsons: Road Rage, where the Electaurus was her signature vehicle.
    • The Malibu Stacy Car, based on the "Malibu Stacy" line of girly figurines first seen in "Lisa The Greek".

  • Marge

  • Apu
    • The Longhorn from "Two Bad Neighbors", though it was redesigned as this was originally based on a real car; The 1978 Pontiac Firebird. While it still bears its original shape and chassis design, the car is now coloured golden-brown and has a Texas Longhorn skull motif on the hood, instead of being red and having a flaming Phoenix on the hood like in the show.

     Character Costumes 
Each level gives its player characters three sets of clothes that they can switch out from their "Normal" attire. While most are cosmetic, a few missions require that you be wearing these clothes to start them.
  • Homer
    • "Casual", Homer's other piece of standard attire, which consists of him wearing nothing besides a pair of white briefs. Its unique idle animation has him observing his rear while shaking it side-to-side.
    • "Muumuu" is a Muumuu (a loose Hawaiian dress) with floral patterns and a flat cap worn in "King Sized Homer". Its unique idle animation has Homer doing a sumo wrestling move.
    • "The Chosen One" robes from Homer's brief time as leader of the Stonecutters in "Homer The Great". Its unique idle animation has him marching on the spot.
    • "Dirty", which is based on Homer's hobo outfit worn in "Treehouse of Horror IX" short story "The Terror of Tiny Toon". Its unique idle animation has him smelling his right armpit, smells the other armpit, and then shrugs.
    • "Evil", which is a red devil costume Homer imagines himself wearing in "Whacking Day". Its unique idle animation has him doing the dance seen in the episode.
    • "Donut", which is the agreed-upon condition for Homer to go free from eating a soul doughnut in the "Treehouse of Horror IV" short story "The Devil and Homer Simpson". Its unique idle animation has him taking a chunk off of his head and eating it, which is a reference to a similar scene from that episode.

  • Bart
    • "Tall", which is a blue-red striped suit, tie, and platform shoes from "Radioactive Man" that he wears when auditioning to be Fallout Boy. Its unique idle animation has him doing a forwards-backwards dance.
    • "Football", a red peewee-class football kit, complete with helmet, which Bart wears in "Bart Star". Its unique idle animation has him doing push-ups and getting ready to catch a ball.
    • "Ninja", a black ninja outfit Bart wears to deliver Thai menus sneakily in "Lisa the Tree Hugger". Its unique idle animation has him doing a flip and kicking in the air.
    • "Hugo", which has Bart dress up as his eponymous "evil" twin brother from "Treehouse of Horror VII". Its unique idle animation has him briefly acting in an animalistic manner, crouching down and scratching behind his ear.
    • "Cadet", a blue and white military uniform Bart wears in "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson" to celebrate graduating military school. Its unique idle animation has him saluting.
    • "Bartman", his costumed alter-ego seen in "Three Men and a Comic Book" that parodies Batman. Its unique idle animation has him looking both ways and then briefly flying upwards, ala Superman.

  • Lisa
    • "Cool", some casual clothing Lisa wears in "The Summer of 4 Ft. 2" to blend in and make some new friends while on holiday. Its unique idle animation has her doing a one-handed handstand.
    • "Floreda", a poorly-made costume made by Homer for Lisa to wear for a competition in "$pringfield". Its unique idle animation has her falling over and struggling to get back up.
    • "Hockey", an ice hockey kit worn by Lisa in "Lisa on Ice". Its unique idle animation has her defending an imaginary net from ice hockey pucks.

  • Marge
    • "Inmate", bright-orange Florida prison overalls Marge wears in "Marge In Chains". Its unique idle animation has her acting suddenly paranoid and looks to see if the coast is clear.
    • "Classy", which is one of Marge's outfits from "Scenes From The Class Struggle In Springfield", in which Marge bought to feel like a rich housewife. Its unique idle animation has her filing her nails.
    • "Police", Marge's police uniform from her brief stint in the Springfield Police Department in the episode "The Springfield Connection". Its unique idle animation has her firing an imaginary gun, a reference to her firearms training from that episode.

  • Apu
    • "Army" is an Indian army uniform that consists of a purple-red Turban, white jacket decorated with medals and pins, and white pants. He wears this in "Homer The Vigilante". Its unique idle animation has Apu...breakdancing.
    • "American", a stereotypical Texan outfit with a massive ten-gallon hat and baseball shirt that he wears in "Much Apu About Nothing". Its unique idle animation has him pretending to ride a horse.
    • "B-Sharps", a barbershop quartet outfit Apu wears in "Homer's Barbershop Quartet". Its unique idle animation has him doing jazz hands.

  • Naturally, characters constantly quote the show, both the iconic lines we all know and love, and the ones you'd have to be an obsessive fan to recognize:

  • Homer
    • If picking up a golden wrench, Homer may quip "Oh, I wanted a peanut", which is a re-recording of this scene from "Boy Scoutz N The Hood".
    • When completing a mission or race, Homer may quip "I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T! I mean S-M-A-R-T!". This is a shortened variation of a song he sang when he was burning his diploma in "Homer Goes to College".
    • If Homer hits an object while driving, he may sing "I am Evil Homer, I am Evil Homer!" referencing an Imagine Spot from "Whacking Day".
    • If you fall out of bounds, then Homer may say "Save me Jebus!", something he says when being made a missionary for the South Pacific in "Missionary Impossible".
    • His line for escaping the police is "Face King Homer if you dare!", which appears to be a reference to this scene from "Dog of Death" when Homers' Imagine Spot has him be a giant gold-plated king demigod figure.
    • Kicking someone repeatedly may have Homer say "I keep making God madder and madder", a paraphrased quote from a scene in "Homer the Heretic".
    • Hitting a vehicle may result in Homer saying "Outta my way, jerkass...", a reference to a line he shouted in "The Joy of Sect".
    • One of Homer's excuses for kicking someone is "An older boy told me to do it," the same excuse he used for poorly filing his taxes in "The Trouble with Trillions".

  • Bart
    • Two of Bart's quotes upon crashing is "Ow, my coccyx...", referencing when he broke his coccyx in "Grift of the Magi", while another is "Ugh, my ovaries!" from "Marge Gets a Job".
    • When he flies in the air, Bart may say "Finally, my years of ballet are paying off." or "Come on now, stick the dismount!", both of which are references to when Bart secretly took up ballet in "Homer vs. Patty and Selma".

  • Lisa
    • One of Lisa's quotes upon destroying something is "I'll have to do so much babysitting to pay for that!", which references her job as a babysitter from "My Sister, My Sitter".
    • If Lisa completes a mission, one of her victory quotes is "I am the Lizard Queen!", something she says in ""Selma's Choice" after swimming in a fermentor at the Duff theme park. The quote is also a reference to The Doors.

  • Marge
    • When smashing items, Marge may shout "Canyenero!" in the same cadence as the Canyenero song.

  • Apu
    • Upon completing a mission, Apu may say "Thank you for coming, I'll see you in hell!", referencing this scene from "Homer the Vigilante" which he said while defending his store.
    • Running over something while driving sometimes results in Apu quipping "This is just between me and you, random object.", referencing a similar line in "Homer and Apu".

  • Moe
    • One of the quotes Moe may say upon being spoken to is "Barney befouled the pool table again last night!", referencing when Barney did so in "Days of Wine and D'oh'ses".

     Mission Names 
Even the mission names reference the show sometimes!:
  • Level 1, Mission 4 is named "Flowers by Irene", a reference to the second surveillance van seen in "Bart the Murderer".
  • Level 2, Mission 1 is called "Detention Deficit Disorder", referencing the real-life Attention Deficit Disorder Bart is confirmed to have in "Brother's Little Helper".
  • Level 3, Mission 4 is named "Operation Hellfish", which is named after the organisation Grandpa Abe is a part of in the episode "Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish."
  • Level 5, Missions 2 and 3 is named "...And Baby Makes 8" and "Eight is Too Much", which are references to Apu and Manjula's octuplets from "Eight Misbehavin", the latter mission explicitly mentioning them, as part of the mission is getting diapers by crashing into a car.

The gags found in each level oftentimes reference various parts of the show:

  • The side cast is sprinkled throughout the game; Patty and Selma Bouvier, Carl Carlson, Professor Frink, Comic Book Guy, Barney Gumble, Gil Gunderson, Dr. Julius Hibbert, Krusty the Clown, Lenny Leonard, Otto Mann, Dr. Nick Riviera, the Squeaky-Voiced Teen, Moe Szyslak, the Sea Captain, Principal Skinner, Cletus Spuckler, Snake Jailbird, Chief Wiggum, Milhouse Van Houten, Nelson Muntz, Jimbo Jones, Kearney Zzyzwicz, Ned Flanders, C. Montgomery Burns, Hans Moleman, Louie and Groundskeeper Willie are all there and fully voiced by the show's cast.
  • The various zombie pedestrians that wander the streets in Level 7 all have models based on the zombies seen in the "Treehouse Of Horror III" short story "Dial Z for Zombies".
  • In the end cutscene for "Wolves Stole My Pills!", Marge wakes Abe up with the Trucker's Choice Stay-Alert capsules, the pills that Bart bought for Lisa with his credit card in "The Canine Mutiny".