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  • In Moulin Rouge!, the song "Guilty Pleasures" involves a quickfire list of the movies he's liked for being silly, including Commando, Rocky IV and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. The Les Misérables: MUSICAL REVIEW has OanCitizen telling Linkara that it is his time to shine a reference to how he didn't get to sing in the last musical review and Linkara singing a song about how he only had a bit of screen time in the musical review.
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  • In his third Nostalgic Commercial Special, he calls back to his Halloween special from 2008 (so therefore from almost two and a half years ago), bringing back Devil Teddy Ruxpin.
  • A slightly creepy version happened in the B-Team's review of The Last Airbender. His cameo is him fondling a book and asking Takei to teach him the "Spocker", becoming embarrassed when the guys are watching him. Spoony raped him with the "Spocker" in Spooning With Spoony II.
  • In his review of Child's Play with Phelous, when Phelous asks "Why would the police ever suspect a doll?" the Critic responds with "Hey, you should see what my Teddy Ruxpin can do."
  • In “The Review Must Go On”, Critic calling Doug 'Tinkerbell' is a mean reference to that time they wore a fanservicey green mini-skirt.
  • The Critic Reloaded reviews have a cruel irony variety to Doug's You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech to Critic in To Boldly Flee. In that, he tells him the person he was wouldn't give a shit about a dead Indian boy. Critic with amnesia gives even less of a shit, declaring Ma-Ti's family being filled with thieving gypsies, his loss as no big deal, and TBF!Critic gay for angsting over it.
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  • During the review of the Scooby-Doo live action movie (intended to be his last), Young!Critic calls Present!Critic "narc" a couple times. This term was used by the Critic himself in his very first proper review, Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue!
  • A sad version happens in "Are Superheroes Whiny Little Bitches?" where when Superman is floating around in space listening to everyone, Critic says he can relate to all the anxiety and torment that can beat down on a guy from that, referring to own time listening to the whole world as the Plot Hole.
  • In The Last Airbender, Rachel complains that the review didn't hurt Shya-Amon and asks the Critic if he has anything else other than reviewing. Critic's answer is a firm no, calling back to his ongoing misery that reviewing is all he has.
  • In Man of Steel, To Boldly Flee is the Elephant in the Living Room, as aside from just seeing Zod making Critic afraid, we also find out what facing his wrath would entail: torturing him so much that nobody would recognize his corpse.
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  • In the 2013 Nostalgia-Ween opening he plays Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas again, although he gets shot this time and not a happy ending like the first commercials episode gave him.
  • Two in one when he's hallucinating in The Shining, as “[he'd] sell [his] goddamn soul for a shot of cupcake vodka”; he already sold his soul for something just as worthless in The Cat in the Hat, and cupcake vodka was his drink of choice in the Plot Hole.
  • The Wicker Man (2006) ties Tamara's Early-Bird Cameo in Catwoman to her role starting in the latter, with her asking him if he remembers that review.
  • While he fails miserably, the start and end of "Top 11 Strangest Couples" tries their best to ape Spoony in SWS as much as possible, from the sexophone to the pervy voice and face to at least trying to put popular guests in the vulnerable position.
  • Alice in Wonderland (2010): Black Rabbit's happiness over being the first black character in a Tim Burton movie hearkens to Tacoma's annoyance that Harvey Dent never got to be black and was replaced with a white dude.
  • Critic's mini-breakdown in "Disney Afternoon" about how nothing's changed since he was younger is a nod back his falling apart about the same thing in "My Pet Monster"/"Commercials". Also his despair in Scooby-Doo about how he's always going to stay broken and pathetic.
    • He also dresses Malcolm in what he thinks black guys in the 90s wore, the same for Tamara with girls (despite both of them telling him it wasn't like this), and tries to make them bend to his whims in a way that's reminiscent of his imagination version of Michael Bay surrounding himself with ghetto and sexist stereotypes.
  • Food Fight had a couple to Son of the Mask, with bringing back the make-up induced dark circles and it ending with Critic alone, crying on the floor and deeply hating his job.
  • In Old vs New: Spider-Man, he openly says he identifies with Tobey!Spider-Man quitting his job because it's making his life hell.
  • In After Earth, he uses his muppet form in the Plot Hole as a puppet version of himself. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • In Ghost Rider 2, he's still reading Jane Austen to try and balance out his need to be overly manly. Mike J also says that Film Brain is still reeling over the Pinky and the Brain split from The Purge review.
  • Forest Warrior has Critic being against his old Chuck Norris Running Gag because his new self needs new memes and That Man Is Dead, explaining why in The Guyver Sage tried to use old memes to get Critic to have fun again.
  • Remembering how painfully that ended, when there are two Critics in That Sci-Fi Guy's “The Sixth Day” review, original Critic asks if his atoms has to choose which Critic to inhabit, and says it better not open another Plot Hole.
  • In Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, fact that Malcolm would rather Critic calm, under control and needing to repress his sickness is a nod back to the fangirl's fourth vlog where he really wants to be the one controlling and breaking Critic for once.
  • The part in The Matrix Revolutions where Neo sacrifices himself to stabilize the world gets an Actually Pretty Cool from Critic. He would know what was like.
  • The opening and closing to Mamma Mia! calls back to the OTHER Titanic review (with Rob owning Critic and having more power) by having Critic go back to Authority in Name Only and Tamara/Malcolm siding with Rob as Critic's not gonna get them money this time. (Of course in Fantastic Four, Rob's the one getting mocked because he has no superpowers.)
  • Zod's balls are lazered off in Man of Steel, and he mentions this in The Haunted Mansion as the reason he's now doing porn.
  • In the Blockbuster Buster crossover of Transformers 4, Erod references Critic being dead before, asking him if he's ready to rejoin the afterlife.
  • In The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lava Girl, past!Critic brings up Food Fight and Son of the Mask as episodes that hurt him a lot (both because films and his own issues).
  • In Pixels, he refers back to his Jurassic World review saying surprisingly enough people weren't demanding he do 50 Shades. Cue Tamara screaming “OH THANK GOD”.
  • In Mad Max: Fury Road, Critic is still wary-angry with Hyper for all her objectifying considering how badly it went for him, and is glad that she's moved onto Tom Hardy.
  • In The Happening, he shows he still has Hyper issues, saying a bad shot made Alma look like a stalker and then running off in fear (and crashing into the cabbage vendor).
  • In Labyrinth, the abused daughter rocks with her teddy bear like kid-Critic does with the trauma monkey in the opening of Pop Quiz Hotshot.
  • In Spawn, he openly says to the Kermit-Devil that he knows and serves the real Devil, referencing selling his soul to him back in The Cat in the Hat. Also, later on, he wants a real assassin instead of a Ms. Fanservice and calls Bennie.
  • In Old vs New: Cinderella, Hyper and Devil Boner coo over who kidnapped Critic the best, referring back to Princess Diaries II and Mad Max: Fury Road.
  • "The Third Titanic Movie" has him still being angry over being kidnapped by Hyper, and he's still kidnapping people himself, accidentally holding Nerd, Snob, Cricket Leigh and Dante Basco hostage in a room for weeks.
  • In Freddy vs Jason, Hyper Boner are still together (and very much in PDA mode) and Critic still has issues with both of them.
  • To go with the movie's awkward fanservice references, in TMNT 2 Critic and Nerd have another fight about boxes and Malcolm is a platypus bunny.
  • In the IT remake opening, Hyper is the one to warn that there'll be opinions, and opinions can be scary when not your own, which she would know about considering her history.
  • Roger appears in the third Scooby Doo movie review, in which he is an obvious villain again, and Critic is angry about Roger trying to kill him in previous reviews. The beginning of the review also has Critic ask Hyper about her marriage (this being her first appearance since her wedding in Chipwrecked) and she comments on her ring (the same one from the Green Lantern review) decomposing.
  • In the review of Lost in Space, when the unfunny jokes are said, Critic provides the "Wah Wah"s. This could be in reference to the "Top 11 Dumbest Superman: The Movie Moments", where the opening of Superman III broke the Wah-Wah machine.


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