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Given that this series has a lot of Continuity Nods to both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, it needs its own page to contain them all.

Battle of Gods Saga

  • One scene in the ending sequence shows watercolors of a young Goku and Bulma riding a motorbike during the Pilaf saga and a deceased, adult Goku running down Snake Way during the Saiyan saga as references to the two anime that preceded Super (which itself is represented in the same scene by a watercolor of Goku in a blue tracksuit with King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory).
  • Miss Piiza and Caroni, Satan's valet and student respectively, show up at his press conference; the last time they were seen was at the World Martial Arts Tournament, after Android 18 let Mr. Satan win.
  • In Episode 3, King Kai scolds Goku for not only bringing a self-destructing Cell onto his world, thereby blowing it up along with King Kai and friends, but also not wishing them back to life at some point with the Dragon Balls. Goku had to apologize multiple times for bringing great inconveniences to King Kai.
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  • During the battle against Beerus, Goku does the original Kamehameha pose, in which he moves his arms in circular motion before cupping his hands in front of him instead of to his side.
  • Beerus' final energy blast at Goku looks remarkably similar to the energy ball Frieza used to destroy Planet Vegeta. Goku catching the blast even looks like Bardock's final stand.

Resurrection 'F' Saga

  • Pilaf, Shu, and Mai standing over the One-Star Dragon Ball is a subtle callback to their first appearance in the anime.
  • When Sorbet is about to wish King Cold back to life after reviving Frieza, Shu steps in and wishes for money, assuming the exact same pose Oolong did when he stole their wish from them years ago. Mai follows with a wish for some ice cream, with a similar pose.
  • We see a flashback to how Future Trunks kills Frieza by chopping him into pieces before blowing him into smithereens.
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  • The technique that Krillin uses to take out Frieza's army is the same scatter technique that killed most of the Saibamen way back in the Saiyan Saga.
  • Tagoma no selling an attack that he could have easily dodged and ripping off Piccolo's arm is very similar to Frieza's fight with Nail. Frieza takes a karate chop to the neck from Nail, which did nothing, before viciously tearing Nail's arm off. Tagoma even makes the same comment as Frieza after taking the punch, further highlighting how similar Tagoma has become to Frieza.
  • Piccolo taking the bullet for Gohan is played similarly to how Piccolo shielded him from Nappa's blast in the Saiyan Saga.
  • Vegeta kills Ginyu in a similar manner to Jeice, minus the Slasher Smile. Ginyu even has the same last words as his former comrade, begging Vegeta to spare him before being cut off.
  • Goku's fight against Frieza has a lot of similar points to their original fight on Namek, and ends the same way: Goku manages Victory by Endurance from holding out until Frieza's stamina dissipates and his power level plummets. He also tells Frieza that he isn't worth killing, just like he did all those years ago. And Frieze uses the same tactic of blowing up the planet when he realizes he's outmatched.
  • Frieza backstabs Goku when he goes out of his super form and tries to spare him. Unlike before, he is much more successful since Goku was focused on him and completely ignored Sorbet.
  • Vegeta kicks Goku to get him out the way after he's badly injured from Frieza. He did the same thing after Goku collapsed fighting Android 19.
  • In Episode 27, Trunks and Goten are told what happened during the battle with Frieza. Trunks says he would have just cut Frieza in two and makes a sword-swinging motion, referencing the Future Trunks timeline and his alternate self from the Cell arc, though later episodes would show that he's unaware of the other Trunks. He wonders why everyone thinks his response was so funny.

Champa Saga

  • Goku lampshades how many times their Earth was nearly destroyed, including how it was one of Vegeta's goals when they first met.
  • Episode 29 has two going back to the start of the series. Bulma slaps Beerus after he insults her, as she did during the Battle of Gods arc, but he shrugs it off because he's in a decent mood. Later, Goku remembers that King Kai asked to be revived with the Dragon Balls all the way back in Episode 2, but he remembers just after the Dragon Balls have dispersed.
  • In Chapter 8 of the manga, while Goku and Vegeta are training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, they assume the ready stances they used all the way back during their first battle in the Saiyan Saga of DBZ.
  • In the manga version of the inter-universe tournament, when Frost skips his second form, Krillin expresses relief since he still has bad memories of his prolonged torture at the hands of Frieza's second form.
  • Piccolo's supercharged Special Beam Cannon is just like the one he used to kill Raditz.
  • When Vegeta challenges Frost after he's caught cheating and turns to be Evil All Along, he says that he finds Frost's voice annoying. He says the same thing about Frieza after listening to one too many of Frieza's rants. It also fits as a Casting Gag since Frieza and Frost are voiced by the same person.
  • In Episode 36, Jaco switches places with Oolong before Bulma can abuse him, making Oolong take the blunt end of Bulma's wrath. In the original Dragon Ball, Oolong was often the victim of Bulma's mood swings during the World Martial Arts Tournaments, which includes the one at the beginning of the Buu Saga in Z.
  • During the break before Vegeta and Cabba's fight, Bulma takes the time to wipe Vegeta's face with a cloth. This is exactly what Chi-Chi did for Goku, at least in filler, just before his fight with Tien during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. And during the fight itself, both Vegeta and Cabba take the pose Vegeta used during his battle against Goku on Earth.
  • In Chapter 12 of the manga, Vegeta tries to hit Cabba with the same move he used to kill Nappa.
  • In Episode 39, we see a flashback of Goku using the Kaioken against Vegeta during their very first fight. And when Goku uses a Kamehameha fueled by his newest combo, the shot of Hit holding his hand out (ready to block the incoming energy) is a reversed version of Frieza doing the same thing.
  • In Episode 15, Goku fake-sells a punch from Mr. Satan to escape his wife: he gives a very fake yell and flies slowly out of view, dipping down to grab his tractor on the way. In Episode 40, Hit does practically the same thing (without the tractor) after being hit by Monaka. It is also a nod to when Android 18 throws her match against Mr. Satan during the Buu Saga, except she got paid for taking the fall.
  • The one Super Dragon Ball that Champa doesn't find is the Four-Star Ball, which corresponds to the Dragon Ball that Goku started the original story with and had a sentimental connection with.

Potaufeu Saga

  • When Goku is sick, Chi-Chi asked him if he was dying. Goku assures her that he wasn't since he has already died twice and his illness didn't feel like that.
  • The supposed "miracle water" in episode 44 that vastly increases its user's strength when drunk is a clear reference to Karin's Sacred Water or the Ultra Divine Water. It turns out to actually be an evil force sealed inside an ordinary appliance (in this case an old refrigerator)- a nod to King Piccolo bring trapped in a rice cooker for hundreds of years. Another earlier nod has Trunks become interested in one of Monaka's deliveries, which is a sword: a clear nod to his Future counterpart (and also some easy foreshadowing, considering the next arc).
  • Copy-Vegeta hating being ordered around by others and rebelling against the Commeson when it tries to interfere with his fight with Goku is a nod towards Vegeta rebelling against Babidi when he allowed the wizard to possess him. It also gives a callback to Vegeta hating being under Frieza's control.

Future Trunks Saga

  • In Episode 47, Goku talks about his training under Master Roshi when trying to get Piccolo to help harvest his crops. We even get flashbacks of Goku and Krillin doing their milk run and farming fields with their bare hands.
  • When Future Trunks is talking about his friends in the past, we see several flashbacks of the Cell Saga such as Vegeta doing his Final Flash, Gohan beating up Semi-Perfect Cell, and Goku taking Cell to King Kai's planet before he self-destructed.
  • Future Mai is wearing her uniform from the early days of DB.
  • Future Trunks uses Gohan's Signature Move, Masenko, which is a callback both to the fact that he was mentored by Future Gohan and to movie 7, when he and young Gohan used it as a combo move.
  • Just like in the timeline Goku and company know, Babidi and Dabura would come to Earth some time after Cell was destroyed. In Future Trunk's case, he destroyed them pretty much single-handedly, preventing Majin Buu's resurrection from happening - and in addition, he later gained the Super Saiyan 2 form as well.
  • When sparring with Future Trunks to see how powerful Goku Black is, he goes Super Saiyan 3 and blocks Trunks' sword strikes with his fingers, exactly like he did when Trunks tested him the first time they met.
  • Episode 52 features a flashback of younger Gohan fighting Cell, as well as a new animation showing the moment Future Trunks became a Super Saiyan upon finding the body of his mentor Gohan. This corroborates Z and the "Trunks Special"; however, in the original Dragon Ball manga Trunks had already achieved Super Saiyan form before that incident. How Trunks becomes a Super Saiyan is also similar to Goku's first ascension: the sky rumbling, yellow coloring/green eyes is briefly superimposed over Trunk's form, then finally becomes 'permanent' upon attaining the form.
  • Future Trunks remembers Mr. Satan, since he was at the Cell Games.
  • When Future Trunks visits Gohan, Mr. Satan shows him a home movie of him being challenged by a group of aliens who wanted to test his strength. They are the aliens from Episode 15 who were afraid of dogs.
  • Future Trunks image-trains to fight Goku Black, just like what Gohan and Krillin did during their trip to Namek.
  • When Gowasu temporarily "promotes" Zamasu to full Supreme Kai by loaning him an earring, he's very careful to remind Zamasu not to put it in the opposite ear or they'll fuse, reminiscent of Supreme Kai fusing with Kibito by accident back during the Buu Saga.
  • Ultra Super Saiyan makes a return, although Future Trunks only uses it to catch Vegeta off-guard since he thinks Trunks is too slow to hit him. In the same training session, Vegeta dares Trunks to hit him once to win, just like what he did to Present Trunks in the Buu Saga when they were training in the gravity chamber.
  • In Episode 54, we see a flashback of Future Trunks training with Vegeta in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and remembering what a Jerkass Vegeta was along with seeing Super Vegeta for the first time.
  • Future Trunks notes that he can't feel Vegeta's energy when he transforms into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. The same thing was said by Gohan and Krillin when Goku first went Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and they thought it was Super Saiyan God. Trunks also notes that despite being unable to feel Vegeta's energy, he feels a lot of pressure, much like Vegeta when he first sensed Whis and states that his energy felt empty yet powerful.
  • After Vegeta says he gets the first crack at their enemy, Goku gets them to try Rock-Paper-Scissors... which he immediately loses with scissors, to his shock. A smirking Vegeta says he won't fall for that trick now, referencing how his scissors lost before Goku faced Kid Buu on the World of the Kais.
  • While Vegeta is fighting Goku Black, Goku mentions how hard it is to watch himself get beating up, and now he knows how Vegeta felt when he fought Copy-Vegeta.
  • Vegeta's motivations against Black are completely different from when he fought Cell. Yet he still ends up fighting with all he's got only to be told that he's just a warmup.
  • Future Zamasu holds Goku and Future Trunks in place as Black fires a Kamehameha at them, very similar to how Goku held Raditz in place as Piccolo fired his Special Beam Cannon. Except in this case, Zamasu is an immortal and isn't harmed in the blast.
  • A version of Goku gets his body stolen again. This time by Zamasu using the Super Dragon Balls.
  • Just like King Piccolo way back in Dragon Ball, Goku Black and Future Zamasu destroy the Dragon Balls so that they can never be used against them. In this case, it's the Super Dragon Balls.
  • The Pilaf Gang remembers King Piccolo since they were the ones who freed him so they could take over the world. They were also there when Master Roshi tried to seal Piccolo using the Evil Containment Wave.
  • After beating on Goku Black, Vegeta tears him a new one that he's nothing, just a fake, and that he is the Saiyan prince. A line not too far off from what Vegeta said to Kid Buu, particularly from the English Dub.
  • Back during Super Buu-vs-Gotenks, after Piccolo trapped them in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Super Buu gets so angry he literally tears himself a hole in spacetime, which he didn't expect to happen yet it allowed him to escape - a feat later replicated by SSJ3 Gotenks, and again by Super Buu during his fight with Vegito. Goku Black does a similar thing in context, channeling his anger at the mortals' disrespect and the gods allowing it, which creates a new variant for his Aura Slide ability - swinging it rips a hole in dimensional space, complete with several effects. Goku Black muses that he himself doesn't know how he did that, or even explain what's happening, but still uses it for his own purposes.
  • Future Trunks tries several poses when trying to perform the Evil Containment Wave, all from Captain Ginyu's repertoire. Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you realize that even Future Gohan must have thought Ginyu's poses were cool: even if he never became a super-hero like his Present counterpart, he must have passed the poses on to Trunks.
  • When struggling against Merged Zamasu's Sphere of Destruction, Trunks is joined by Vegeta, who combine their Galick Guns and manage to overpower their opponent for a brief span. A direct callback to Goku and Gohan doing Father-Son Kamehameha to destroy Cell (and the Family Kamehameha that Goku, Gohan and Goten destroyed Broly with in movie 10).
  • In Episode 65, we get cameos involving the appearance of Android 8 in the mountains (from the original Dragon Ball) shocked at the immense destruction and rampage that's taking place on Earth. Furthermore, original Dragon Ball character cameos (including #8) were also a thing in the later parts of Z.
  • After Merged Zamasu's face starts to mutate due to Goku's attack on him on episode 66, he screams to the sky and repeats the words he was talking with Gowasu in episode 55, about what good are gods that don't destroy evil. It reflects how far he has fallen on his Black and White Insanity.
    Zamasu: We mustn't allow evil to happen, master Gowasu. Evil is violence like that of the Babarians, and conceit like that of Son Goku, who would trade blows with the gods. Mortals use their god-given wisdom for evil, and spoil our beautiful world. The mortals who have gained wisdom are truly evil. Does this not strike you as half-hearted? What good are gods if they do not destroy evil?"''
    Merged Zamasu: Light of Justice, strike me! A weak god that can't destroy evil is worthless!
  • Episode 66, Goku decides that he and Vegeta should fuse with the Potara earrings. The fusion breaks before Vegito can finish the job. The exact same thing happened to Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks whose fusion broke just seconds before he could kill Super Buu. It also doubles as a Mythology Gag since Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta defused before he could destroy Omega Shenron.
  • While fighting Goku Black, Future Trunks promises to cut him in half, echoing present Trunks' words at the end of the Resurrection F Saga.

Breather Episodes

  • Episode 68 has a lot of nods to the original Dragon Ball, such as seeing Oolong transform into his pig/bat hybrid form to fly, Master Roshi riding his spinning turtle, and them talking about how Oolong once wished for panties on the Dragon Balls. There is also a nod to how Shenron already granted one wish before, when they were asking about the Super Dragon Balls back in Episode 29.
  • Episode 69 has Goku remembering Arale's name and she remembers him, which can only be because he remembers meeting her way back in the Dragon Ball anime. Also, she headbutts Vegeta in the back the same way she defeated General Blue, sending him flying. Even the drop kicks she used is the same.
  • Episode 70, when Krillin asked why weren't Tien and Chiaotzu invited to play baseball, Yamcha answered that he didn't think they were strong enough to handle this game. This is exactly what Tien said about Yamcha and Chiaotzu back in the Resurrection 'F' Saga. Cold payback.
    • Although it isn't directly referenced, Bulma mentions how baseball is the only thing Yamcha is good at and how he's the only one in the entire cast who knows how to play. This is because Yamcha was a professional baseball player in the Z anime.
    • Also, Yamcha does his infamous death pose which scores him the win for his team. Krillin remarks that he has seen that pose before, Piccolo calls it a bitter memory, to which Gohan readily agrees.
    • Piccolo tells Gohan that Megetta can't fly, so hitting the ball over his head should score him a run.
    • Another subtle one, but Goku is holding the bat incorrectly. He's using his left hand, but he's batting like a right-hander. Gohan made the exact same mistake when he played baseball in the Buu Saga.
  • In Episode 71, Bulma hits Goku with her car while he's carrying a giant fish, just like their first meeting in the Dragon Ball anime.
    • In the same episode, we see a news report about Frost, saying how he's a fugitive still on the loose. We also hear that Cabba told the authorities of U6 about Frost's war crimes.
  • Barry Kahn is a character in Episode 73 who plays Saiyaman in the movie. However, he makes his first appearance in the Buu Saga on the cover of a magazine. Buu attempts to personate his face to impress a girl. He wasn't successful.
  • Also from Episode 73, Gohan meets a pair of bus hijackers that he stopped as Saiyaman back in the Buu Saga. At least in the original manga. These bus hijackers, interestedly, weren't in the original anime or Kai.
  • In Episode 75, Fortuneteller Baba from DB shows up again, sending Goku and Krillin into this strange area as part of Master Roshi's 'errand'. Then as if that weren't enough, said area creates illusion-copies of various villains from DB and DBZ: King Piccolo, Saiyan Saga Vegeta and Nappa, the Ginyu Force, pre-Golden Form Frieza, Cell, Super Buu... even Tambourine, who first killed Krillin.
    • The area itself has some allusions too. The entrance looks like one of the heads for the giant demons statues of the devil's toilet arena from Baba's home. The way the illusion-copies form is similar to the OVA special Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans where the destron gas forms copies of the villains who Goku and crew killed. And the scene itself is also vaguely familiar if one recalls the time Goku and Vegeta made it to the top brain area of Super Buu's insides.
    • In the same episode, Chi-Chi suddenly flares a red Kaio-Ken aura as a gag to comically illustrate her anger. The exact same gag was previously used in the Garlic Jr. Filler Arc of Dragon Ball Z.
  • In Episode 76 Dabura and Raditz appear among the illusions of the past villains, as well as Ginyu-switched-with-Bulma (filler that Kai retained), which Krillin was present for. We also get a 'montage of death' for Krillin: a reanimated scene of Tambourine killing Krillin in Dragon Ball, Frieza killing him on Namek, Super Buu turning him into chocolate and eating him alive, and Dabura spitting on Krillin (therefore turning him into stone). We also see the return of the Flying Nimbus, and a mini-Super Shenron as well.

Universe Survival Saga

  • In Episode 77, Goku is threatened by some gun-wielding thieves hoping to take his Capsule Corp produce truck, which ends badly for them. The second guy he defeated, he did so by catching his fired bullet, and redirecting it back at his head - the exact thing his brother Raditz did to a poor farmer upon arrival, except Goku didn't kill his aggressor. The last guy he defeats with a finger-flick to the head, the same move Beerus used on him in their first fight (and later returned).
  • When pummeling Basil in Episode 79, after the first opening blows, Buu begins pounding both sides of his opponent's head, first one-at-a-time before going rapid-fire. He did much the exact same move while fighting against the Supreme Kai back in the Buu Saga.
  • During Gohan's fight against Lavender in Episode 80, he gets poisoned (and blinded because of it), and later he goes Super Saiyan... which Whis notes is a double-edged sword, and indeed using that form accelerated the poison's effect in his body. The same exact thing happened during Goku's fight with Android 19, accelerating his heart virus because he hadn't taken the cure- his expression may even indicate that he remembers this too.
  • In Episode 81, Goku fights Bergarmo, who's style of fighting is to take and absorb enemies attacks making him stronger and Goku wins by overflowing him with more than he can handle. Which is similar to how he defeated Yakon in the Buu Saga.
  • Goku tries to end his post-exhibition match with Toppo with a Kamehameha, but just before firing, uses Instant Transmission to get into point-blank range. This is just like he did with Cell (and Beerus, in the Battle of Gods movie), though unlike the former, Toppo managed to be fast enough to block the brunt of the attack.
  • During Goku and Krillin's fight in Episode 84, Krillin remembers all the way back to DB, and we see a redrawn scene of the two just before their match. Then at the end, when facing down SSJB, Goku and Krillin simultaneously prepare a Kamehameha, but they specifically do it using the passed-down stances of their mentor, Master Roshi.
  • Dende mentions a powerful kid who is the reborn Kid Buu. Goku has a flashback of him killing Kid Buu and wishing he would be reborn into a good person.
  • When 17 is reintroduced, we are treated to several scenes from the Cell Saga like 17 being absorbed by Cell and how 17 never got the chance to meet Goku.
  • When the space poacher threatens to blow himself up to keep 17 and Goku from taking the animals he stole, Goku grabs him and takes him to King Kai's planet, just like what he did with Cell. Goku even lampshades this, saying History Repeats.
  • Piccolo training Gohan for the Tournament of Power bears many similarities to the Saiyan Saga, where Piccolo trained Gohan to help fight against Nappa and Vegeta. This time though, Gohan's an adult and very much willing to be put through training hell to get stronger - and on a more humorous note, involves a gag with a dinosaur's tail(-piece) being cut off and cooked, which kid Gohan regularly ate to survive back then.
  • In Episode 89, Master Roshi takes all hits from Yurin with ease, right until the one that hits him in the groin while he's distracted by the 'view'. Similar to Tagoma's body being hardened by Frieza's 'training', until Gotenks proved he missed a spot.
  • Gowasu is torn about who he should chose to be in the Tournament of Power because he doesn't want to pick someone as terrible as Zamasu.
  • When fighting Roshi, Tien uses his Four Witches technique where he spouts two extra arms. In return, Roshi uses his Lightning Flash Surprise Attack. The last time either of these moves were used was the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament and the 21st World Martial Arts.
  • During his double team match with Goku and Tien, Piccolo uses the technique that destroyed the World Martial Arts Tournament's island back at the end of Dragon Ball.
  • When sparring with Ultimate Gohan, Goku shoots a barrage of energy blasts at him, which Gohan easily deflects. This is just a distraction to catch Gohan off-guard and he nails him from behind. Buu did the same trick on Goku just a few episodes ago.
  • During said fight, Gohan keeps on asking Goku to fight him at full power, all the while fighting seriously to make it happen - an exact mirror of their training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, when Gohan knew he needed to be pushed to reach SSJ.
  • We are reminded that Vegeta destroyed the Hyperbolic Time Chamber during the Future Trunks Saga. Popo warns him that if he breaks it again, he will be banned.
  • When sparring with Whis, Goku has a flashback to his fight with Toppo when Whis puts him in a choke hold.
  • When Beerus learns Buu fall asleep and won't wake up for two months, he's pissed since as he notes, Buu did this before during the tournament against Universe 6. He also still holds a grudge against Buu for eating all the pudding.
  • Oolong refuses to turn into a girl for Master Roshi because the last time he did it, things got out of hand. This could be referring to his imitation of Bulma way back at the beginning of Dragon Ball.
  • Goku gets driven to Frieza's personal Hell by the same person and car that drove him to Snake Way back in Dragon Ball.
  • Android 18 is not amused when Android 17 accidentally calls her daughter "Maron," which was the name of her husband's ex-girlfriend in the Garlic Jr. filler arc in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Roshi remembers his time training under Master Korin, something that was mentioned back in Dragon Ball.
  • Android 17 and Piccolo refer back to their fight in Dragon Ball Z, asking each other if they've gotten stronger since then.
  • If you look carefully at Goku when he's practicing in front of Baba's palace, he is re-enacting his battle with Grandpa Gohan. Also, when Frieza goes golden we see a glimpse at the western town Goku, Yamcha, Puar, Krillin, and Upa stopped at before going to Baba's Palace.
  • In episode 105, Cawey of Universe 4 takes off part of her outfit and reveals more of her body in an attempt to seduce Roshi. Last time this happened was at the 21st Martial Arts tournament when Ranfan infamously stripped down to catch Nam off guard.
    • From the same episode, Roshi uses the Hypnosis technique against Ganos, which is the same move he used while posing as Jackie Chun at the 21st tournament to lull Kid Goku to sleep.
    • When charging up his MAX Kamehameha against Ganos, he recites his original motto to Goku and Krillin: "Word hard, study hard, and play hard".
  • In episode 108, Frieza showcases his unseen-since-Namek 100% Full Power form to Frost - who's also capable of it - shortly before eliminating him from the ring.
    • Earlier, Frieza lifts Jimeze up with his tail and uses him as a punching bag, exactly like he did to Vegeta back on Namek. For bonus points, Gohan was practically forced to watch in both instances.
  • When Goku is fighting Jiren, Krillin suggests that he still has the Kaio-ken x20 up his sleeve, but Beerus and Whis point out that he's actually been using that the whole time. A very similar conversation occurred between Yamcha and King Kai when Goku was fighting Frieza on Namek.
  • Goku's first fight with Jiren is essentially a Whole Plot Reference to his fight with Frieza on Namek: against a foe who is proven to be significantly stronger than everyone we've met, Goku is vastly outclassed and resorts to using the maximum power of the Kaioken and even the Spirit Bomb, only for them to fail. It takes him obtaining a new, never-seen-before form to stand a fighting chance, although in this instance it is still not enough.
  • In episode 114, when Kale and Caulifla try to double-team Goku, he charges up his Twin Dragon Shot (the guided double-sphere variant of the Kamehameha) and easily powers through their attacks, which Goku last used against Frieza on Namek, and Gohan also tried against Dabura.
  • In episode 116, Kefla charges at Goku who uses UI to dodge without seeming to move, causing Kefla to stumble in confusion. The exact same thing happened to Recoome against Goku on Namek.
  • In episode 117, Ribrianne points out that Krillin doesn't have a nose, referencing the 21st Martial Arts Tournament when Kid Goku did so as well.
  • In episode 118:
    • Gohan shielding Piccolo from a dangerous blast mirrors Piccolo's dual Taking the Bullet moments, if without actually dying here.
    • After taking a hit from Pirina (the one later shielded by Gohan at the last second), Piccolo's initially out-of-it for a few seconds. Beside him are the spirits of Nail and Kami, who he fused with in DBZ, silently/subconsciously urging him to get back up and continue fighting his U6 counterparts.
  • For episode 119, after Gohan made the U4 warrior Gamisaras visible by throwing dust onto his invisibility, Piccolo finishes him off with a Mouth Energy Wave. Something he last used back in DBZ's Saiyan Saga, killing a Saibamen who was about to hurt a young Gohan, and before that heavily injured Goku during their big fight in DB.
    • From the same episode, Master Roshi suggests using a nosebleed to cover an invisible opponent, something Krillin once did (with Roshi and Bulma's unwitting help) to help Yamcha beat one of Fortuneteller Baba's fighters.
  • In Episode 123, Goku uses a barrage of Destructo Discs at Jiren, who catches one of them and destroys it, similar to the Cell Games when Super Saiyan 2 Gohan did the same thing to Perfect Cell.
  • For Episode 125, Frieza tries to handle Toppo's Energy of Destruction, repeatedly insisting that it's nothing and he won't be subdued even when it proves otherwise. He takes heavy damage but manages to come back anyway, with the same pose and one-eye-closed facial expression as when Goku hit him with the Spirit Bomb back on Namek.
  • Vegeta faces off against Toppo in Episode 126, the latter stating he cast aside everything for the sake of survival, including his beliefs about justice. Vegeta however refuses to do the same, and instead states that his affection for Bulma/Trunks/Bulla and Cabba, his Saiyan pride- those are things that make him who he is. A similar-yet-opposite example to when he willingly let himself be controlled by Babidi and discarded everything (other than his pride), with even similar dialogue and framing... and it ultimately ends with Vegeta using a Beyond Blue Final Explosion against Toppo's full power, preceded by a flashback to the original, although this time he managed not to die from it.
  • In Episode 127, Android 17 makes a Heroic Sacrifice by self-destructing. Back in Z, when Gohan forced Cell back down to his Semi-Perfect Form, he desperately self-destructed, too, which also killed 17 in the process since he was still absorbed by Cell at the time. So technically, 17 died from the exact same attack twice, now.
    • Another one for Frieza in the same episode: His line to Jiren "You... deserve to be killed by me!!" is practically word-for-word what he said to Goku on Namek just before being dealt the final blow.
  • At the end of Episode 131, when Goku and Vegeta get into a sparring match, they assume the same stances they did during their first battle. The area they are in even looks similar!


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