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  • Franchise Wide:
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:
    • The two Dora Cockatrice monsters were combined into the singular Chunky Chicken. The first one wore a red cap whereas the other one did not; this did not go unnoticed.
    • Season 2 sees the core Dinozords upgrade into the Thunderzords. There was no relation between the Guradian Beasts and Mythical Chi Beasts as they came from different series.
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    • One season 2 Monster of the Week, Four Head, is a singular being in contrast to its Sentai counterpart, Gattai Shitennõ, a being created from the fusion of the four Gorma Shitennõ.
  • Power Rangers Turbo:
    • Divatox melded Gynamo's position as the Big Bad with Zonnette's design and backstory about her being Dimitria's older sister.
  • Power Rangers in Space:
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy:
    • Furio, the first enemy general, takes the role of Sanbash and the costume of Dr. Hinelar's final form. Sanbash's costume, not available at the time, was used as a new character named Villamax.
    • Trakeena fills the role of Shelinda, but also has traits of Illies (her successful plot against Treacheron, using many of the monsters Illies used). Her accidental One-Winged Angel form in the next season's Crossover Special was originally the Infernal Dark Hell Beast summoned by Gil. Illies later appeared as a two-episode villain named Hexuba.
    • One Monster of the Week, Mutantrum, is used to trick Leo into releasing The Lights of Orion by disguising himself as Leo's brother Mike. This plot was carried over from Gingaman but did not involve Mutantrum's counterpart, Kemuemon; it was another monster, Gurinji (who appeared later in the season as Spikaka).
  • Power Rangers Time Force:
    • Lucas melds the ex-racer backstory of his Sentai counterpart, Ayase, with the womanizer side of Katie's Sentai counterpart, Domon.
  • Power Rangers Wild Force:
    • Princess Shayla is a composite of Gaoranger's Priestess Tetomu (The Mentor of the modern Ranger team) and her grandmother, Murasaki (The Mentor of the past Ranger team, had a history with the Sixth Ranger).
    • Master Org also supplants Shuten and Ura during their tenures as Big Bad, while claiming their combined form with Rasetsu, Senki, as his own. His costume is also taken from Dairanger's Gorma XV.
  • Power Rangers Ninja Storm:
    • Cam, the Green Samurai Ranger, is a composite of Oboro (snarky techie offspring of the Rangers' Sensei) and Shurikenger (the Sixth Ranger) from Hurricaneger.
    • At the Monster of the Week level, there's Toxipod. In Hurri, when Kirikirimaishi was defeated by the Rangers, the next monster was his father Girigirigaishi, come to avenge him. In PRNS, Toxipod returned as Super Toxipod. However, the writers seemed to forget that, as two later multi-monster episodes had Toxipod and Super Toxipod onscreen at once, and neither occasion was Hurricanger footage.
  • Power Rangers Dino Thunder:
    • The multiple users of the Cursed Armor in Abaranger became the singular cyborg henchman Zeltrax. However, the role of the second user of the cursed armor is picked up by Elsa in the last few episodes.
  • Power Rangers S.P.D.:
    • Sam, the Omega Ranger is a composite of Sixth Ranger Deka Break and one-shot guest star Hikaru of Dekaranger. The latter grows up to be the former and arrives via Time Travel. Bridge, meanwhile, melds Deka Green/Sen-Chan with the psychic powers of Z's Sentai Counterpart, Jasmine.
    • Mora/Morgana owes as much to Abaranger's Rije/Rijewel as she does to Succubus, the villainness her sentai footage comes from.
  • Power Rangers Operation Overdrive:
    • Tyzonn, the Mercury Ranger, mixes in Bouken Silver (It's Personal against the Ashu/Fear Cats), one-shot guest star Ragi (human transformed into dragonman), and Bouken Red (backstory with deaths of former team).
    • Kamdor directly parallels Yami no Yaiba, and Maboroshi no Gekkou (the latter being the Big Bad of the third faction and the monster maker and enlarger). Also, Miratrix mostly has Shizuka's role, but her monster form is Gekkou's. Shizuka's monster form becomes a one-off monster earlier in the series.
    • The Sentinel Knight is a counterpart to one of the Precious, but has the traits of Aka Red, since they're both borderline-Physical Gods who are important players in the Milestone Celebration crossover.
    • Andrew Hartford is based off of Mister Voice (The Mentor), Morio Makino (creator of the Rangers' tech) and Kouichi Akashi (The Red Ranger's Adventure Archaeologist father).
  • Power Rangers Jungle Fury:
    • RJ takes two roles from Gekiranger. As the Rangers' mentor, he's part Sha-fu. As the accidental Wolf Man and later Wolf Ranger, he's part Gou. Sha-fu also has Master Mao as a counterpart as well, but since he dies early on RJ takes the bulk of his role.
  • Power Rangers RPM:
    • Although original to RPM, Big Bad Venjix uses battle bodies that in Go-onger were the characters Hiramechimedes and Yogoshimacritein.
    • RPM also has Summer whose Ranger designation is of Saki, but her rich upbringing is shared with Go-onger's Go-on Wings.
  • Power Rangers Samurai:
    • Mentor Jii is The Mentor, like his similarly named counterpart in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. His more-abrasive personality resembles that of Tanba, Kaoru's retainer.
    • Deker is directly based on Fuwa Juzo, with his backstory as Dayu's lost love, and the indirect catalyst for her becoming a Nighlok being based on Shinza.
    • Mr. Shiba, father of Lauren and Jayden, distills Masataka Shiba (female Red Ranger's father, previous Red Ranger) and Takeru's unnamed father.
    • The villain of Shinkenger vs Go-Onger was Batcheed, whose Backup Twin Babatcheed appeared in Gokaiger. When their appearances were adapted into Samurai and Super Megaforce, they were made into the same character, Professor Cog.
  • Power Rangers Megaforce:
  • Power Rangers Dino Charge:
    • Heckyl & Snide is a very interesting combination. His human form (Heckyl) has no direct Kyoryuger counterpart, but he seems inspired by Enter from the previous season Go-Busters. His armored monster form (Snide) uses the movie villain Neo-Geildon, who himself is an upgraded version of the Cursed Armor from Abaranger, itself having a counterpart in Zeltrax from Power Rangers Dino Thunder. The Boom Studios comic sees Heckyl become The Dark Ranger, thus making him a composite of Ferocious Knight D/Deathryuger (uses his suit and weapon) and Dai-Kun/Kyoryu Navy (a good guy).
    • Tyler's dad, James Navarro, is the Aqua Ranger. His Ranger designation comes from Ramirez, while him being the Red Ranger's previously missing father comes from Dantetsu Kiryunote . And while Ramirez passes his powers to a successor, Yuko Fukui, in the finale, James remains the only Aqua Ranger.
    • The other Auxiliary Rangers, Torin (Kyoryu Silver) and Tessai (Kyoryu Gray), also find successors in the finale, Dantetsu Kiryu and Shinya Tsukouchi, respectively. Xenowing and Prince Phillip, meanwhile, remain the Silver and Graphite Rangers throughout the series.
  • Power Rangers (2017):
  • Power Rangers Ninja Steel:
    • Dane is two Rangers' father like Tsumuji, but as the mentor who was thought dead in the past until turning up in the show's present, and the one who fought the Big Bad in the previous battle, he's more Yoshitaka.
    • Also, Mick wears Tsumuji's Ranger suit in the last battle against Galvanax, but mostly has Tetsunosuke Saika XXII's technician role, with some of Yoshitaka's Trickster Mentor qualities thrown in for flavor.

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