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Too Much Coffee Man is a self-published alternative comic written and drawn by Shannon Wheeler. It began life as a Xeroxed series of "mini-comics", and due to its popularity grew into a standard-sized, professionally printed comic book.

The tone of Too Much Coffee Man is satiric. Sometimes it follows the titular hero as he engages in battles with villains (that devolve into conversations), but more often it shows the daily, banal routines of his humdrum life. He spends much of his time brewing and drinking coffee—and weathering the manic ups and depressive downs that go with caffeine addiction.

Too Much Coffee Man, (often referred to as TMCM in-universe and by fans) is soon joined by a whole team of café-inspired superheroes, like Too Much Espresso Guy and Too Much German White Chocolate Woman With Almonds.


Too Much Coffee Man was animated for a wild Converse sneakers commercial in the mid '90s by a.k.a. Cartoons of Ed, Edd n Eddy fame, though his speech is rendered as unintelligible barking, à la Bobcat Goldthwait.

Too Much Coffee Man provides examples of:

  • Cliché Storm:invoked One story has Too Much Coffee Man facing off against the super villain Cliché in a battle composed entirely of clichéd dialogue.
  • Crossover: He has a very brief appearance in one issue of Cerebus the Aardvark
  • Disney Owns This Trope: One epic battle has Too Much Coffee Man, aka TMCM, squaring off against ™©M, AKA Trademark Copyright Man, a lawyer/super villain who is suing TMCM for copyright infringement.
  • The Musical: Yes. There was one. It was an opera.note 
  • Slice of Life: Despite the fantastic elements of superhero comics it parodies, the comic spends more time exploring the daily lives of its characters as they do things like drink coffee, talk philosophy, drink coffee, make ends meet, drink coffee, shop for groceries, drink — well, you get the idea.
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  • Something Person: Everyone of the heroes' names in the book is just a menu item with the appropriate sex attached.


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