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Comic Book / The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning

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A 2007 Graphic Novel which serves as both a Prequel for the remake of the horror film The Hills Have Eyes and an Interquel between it and its sequel.

The story describes the origins of the mutants, as well as events taking place between the remake and its sequel.

The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning provides examples of:

  • Attempted Rape: A soldier attempts to rape Karen after murdering her son in front of her, but is stopped by one of his superiors. This contributes to her Start of Darkness.
  • Bald Woman: Karen, shortly before her death, due to the effects of radiation poisoning.
  • Coitus Ensues: One page depicts a very explicit scene of Karen and Jeb having sex. It turns to be a ploy to persuade him into making a Deal with the Devil - he will help lure tourists to an isolated dead end road to be killed and eaten by the Hill People, who are desperately in need of food, and in exchange, they will give him their victims' valuables to sell.
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  • Death of a Child: The brutal murder of Karen's first son.
  • Enfant Terrible: Patrick believes Karen's son Hades is this, and goads the other villagers into driving them out of town.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Papa Hades really loved his mother, and deeply mourns her death.
  • Eye Scream: Karen kills Patrick by stabbing him in the eye before decapitating him and cutting off his hands.
  • Mystical Pregnancy: Somehow, Karen becomes pregnant, despite not having had sex ever since her husband's death two years previously. Everyone, even Karen herself, is mystified by it, though some are suspecious that she isn't telling the truth.
  • Nuclear Nasty: The fallout from the atomic bombs eventually caused many of the original villagers to succumb to radiation poisoning, but not before they gave birth to numerous horribly deformed mutant children.
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  • Suddenly Voiced: Papa Hades, who only had a handful of semi-intelligible lines in The Hills Have Eyes 2, is the narrator of the novel, and is shown to be capable of speaking perfectly clear and intelligent English, as are several other mutants.
  • Start of Darkness: The US Army's senseless slaughter of the people of Yuma Flats was this for the survivors. For Karen in particular, it was the murders of her husband and young son.
  • Stock Subtitle: A fitting one, since it is the beginning for both the remake and its sequel.
  • The Un-Reveal: It's never revealed who Hades' biological father is, or how Karen conceived him in the first place.


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